Hygronet is Replaced by NanoULTRA – MATRIX


The New Hygronet Solution

The hugely popular and award winning Hygronet system has been replaced by our Nano ULTRA Matrix system. We thank our many customers around the world for their support of the Hygronet system and look forward to working with you to improve your operations further with the NanoULTRA Matrix

Wireless remote monitoring

The new Nano ULTRA Matrix offers upto 256 wireless battery-powered sensors connected to a single mains powered base station transmitting data via GSM to secure servers.

Parameters measured

Geo Location, Ambient Temperature and Humidity, in depth Temperature & Humidity via 5 mm probe on flying lead, surface Temperature, Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME), Hygrobug moisture monitor, CO2, Tilt, Crack, plus almost any analogue or digital output from instruments, transducers, sensors, etc

CDLSmartHub IoT Dashboard

Our own IoT reporting platform offers geo positioning, real time remote monitoring data, configure and manage devices, alarms, audit trails, graphs and trends, dashboards, visualisations and analytics!

NanoULTRA – MATRIX replaces Hygronet

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NanoULTRA Matrix – Replacement for the Hygronet Remote Monitoring System

Caption Data’s real time water damage monitoring systems can be used to provide constant monitoring of the drying process and/or condensation levels in properties by measuring temperature, humidity, ambient temperature, ambient humidity, WME (Moisture content) and/or calculated specific humidity.

Constant remote monitoring of sites allows water damage restoration providers and insurers the ability to:

  • review multiple sites simultaneously
  • develop confidence in the drying process
  • take on extra jobs comfortably

  • reduce carbon footprint
  • save time and money
  • increase profit

Real time data is accessible 24/7 using the CDLSmartHub, users can access data from a network of sensors and view data in graph format. Users can also manage system settings such as setting up and editing users, alarm levels, alarm recipients, monitoring and reporting frequencies, and much more.

The Hygronet system was developed and launched over 12 years ago, and is no longer supported or sold. The hugely improved NanoULTRA matrix system offers big advantages to you by comparison. Just a few of these are shown in the table below:

NanoULTRA Matrix HygroNet
Sensor to Base range 500-1000m 100-250m
Choice of Sensor Choice of over 15 sensor types. Including HygroStick compatible 5 sensor types
HygroBug compatible YES YES
Sensor Battery life Up to 1 year Up to 3 months
SmartHub compatibility Full, Supported, with FOTA upgrades Limited to old Hygronet system design, unsupported, No FOTA
Approvals CE, FCC CE
Modem World wide, 4G, £G, 2G, GPRS EU 2G GPRS
Historic Hygronet Details

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