Investing in Quality Testing with the help of WMG’s Humidity Chamber!

Whilst CDL have developed a standard product range that meets many of our clients’ needs, there are occasions where we need to develop specific solutions to meet specific requirements. When embarking on a new project one of the key elements is ensuring that it answers the brief, both in theory and in practice. Quality testing of new hardware and software across a range of environmental conditions is an essential part of our process.

Humidity Chamber testing at WMG at Warwick University
Humidity Chamber being used at the facilities at WMG at Warwick University

When a product gets to the field the last thing that you want is it for not to do the job its designed for. For our latest product development, we have been using the facilities at WMG at Warwick University to ensure our hardware is fit for purpose. We are doing this by accessing their humidity chamber which creates a controlled environment for testing. Using the chamber, we have been testing our new wireless sensor system to ensure it captures and records changes in humidity and wood saturation.

After a flood or a property’s exposure to high levels of water saturation the operation to dry the property out starts. This can involve significant amounts of complex drying equipment and engineers going from property to property periodically to adjust equipment and monitor the levels of saturation until such point the property is deemed to be ready to be moved onto the next steps towards rehabilitation. This can be quite arduous and frustrating for the engineers and inefficient for the drying process and therefore costly to both  contractors and property owners.

Testing in the Environmental Chamber

Using the environmental chamber, we are able to replicate the conditions, and validate the performance of our environmental remote monitoring systems that will log the stages of restoration a property is at. By sending this data via to the internet and our CDLSmartHub the property can be monitored remotely, information shared, resources managed effectively and customer experience improved. Ultimately saving both time and money in the process!

CDLSmartHub and testing in environmental chamber
Data is transported to the CDLSmartHub where it can be viewed and interpreted

By repeatedly testing our NanoUltra hardware within the tightly controlled environment of the chamber and getting those results sent to the CDLSmartHub we have ensured that the parameters of the Customer’s environment have been replicated. This robust process allows us to send our end to end solution out ensuring it is field ready and satisfies our clients needs.

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