Finding a value adding proposition in the IoT and M2M maze

IoT and M2M maze

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we work as machines objects and even animals become connected. The technology that connects machines to machines (M2M) represents a significant business opportunity for OEMs looking to move their businesses forward.

Using a third-party platform to connect machinery, equipment and other “things” to the internet enables companies to unleash innovation that will move their business forward.

Finding a value-adding proposition in the IoT and M2M maze

We are seeing many businesses realising the potential of IoT and M2M connectivity. It is generating extra revenue from products they have been selling for years, quite often through a service model resulting from the live data flow from remote locations.

Mobile networks offer the perfect platform to provide a constant flow of real-time data from sensors and equipment, but choosing the right provider is essential.

Caption Data has over five years of experience in delivering workable IoT and M2M solutions to business.

We have a flexible core of hardware that allows us to transmit data from a wide range of devices and sensors.

We specialise in supporting businesses enabling them to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Make transport more efficient
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Increase profit by maximising the use of transferred data through the Caption Data web portal.

We have presented on M2M technology at IoT Midlands and IoT Oxford 3

We were lucky enough to be invited to contribute at the IoT Midlands meetup #6 organised by WMG, at the University Of Warwick. A part of our presentation was aimed at educating the audience of the key elements in delivering a robust, secure, and scale-able M2M solution and understanding the associated challenges. This then feeds into how viable the application is for the system it’s being delivered into.

Our Director, Paul Sanders was invited to talk at IoT Oxford 3, in a presentation called ‘M2M Nervous System’ which outlined the key m2m system elements in terms of hardware, firmware, data transportation, and cloud capabilities

How can Caption Data help you develop smarter more efficient processes through IoT and M2M….

Assistance is provided at an early stage to develop business cases and we can take you through all the way to delivery and support.

Industries we have served so far but are no means limited to:

  • water
  • restoration
  • structural
  • stand by power

  • environmental
  • laboratory & scientific
  • transportation (rail & automotive)
  • utilities

Our systems are in use in over 14 countries including UK, US, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, France, New Zealand and more….

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