Reaping the benefits of IoT asset management

The innovative world of IoT (Internet of Things) enabled products and services is growing exponentially. But if you already have equipment in place, can you harness the power of IoT to upgrade and enhance your offering? And, if so, how?

You’ll be pleased to learn that it is entirely possible to reap the benefits of IoT asset management. By reverse engineering existing equipment you can make it industrial IoT enabled. This will bring huge benefits to your business, and offer added value to your customers.

If you are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or value-added reseller (VAR) then the benefits of IoT must include a positive impact on your bottom line and will present an excellent return on investment.


How to link up  to IoT asset management

If you have an existing installed portfolio of equipment, then the introduction of IoT can help you manage those assets. The benefits will be improved efficiencies, better customer service and enhanced risk management. Imagine the power of knowing exactly what is going on with all your assets, when to intervene, with what exact action, to optimise both your own and your customers operations!

Any device with an existing communication capacity can be enabled. Simply point them to  our SmartHub where they can immediately start sending data.

If your assets do not have  communications facilities, but have an operating system to access (such as Modbus), they can be easily equipped with a low cost unit to make that IoT connection to our SmartHub.

This means that hundreds or thousands of existing field assets can be readily brought online to a cloud-based portal, allowing the managers of those assets to:

IOT asset management
Asset management dashboard via IOT
  • Virtualise them with geo locations, plant photos or maps, dynamic schematics and visualisations of operating status
  • Monitor them, with all parameters up for measurement and having high/low alarm thresholds set – with SmarthHub, alarms can be sent to unlimited numbers of SMS/email addresses
  • Carry out Smart Monitoring with conditional alerts, along the lines of “when, “if”, “then”, or more rapid monitoring when an event is triggered
  • Customise dashboards, produce automated management or client reports
  • Manage access with the devices themselves, and also managing access across departments and teams.

By opting to use CDL SmartHub, and our PaaS (platform as a service), you also have peace of mind that your data is secure. The system itself is cybersecure on a world-leading cloud platform, managed by IoT specialists with vast experience of industrial IoT.


What are the benefits of IoT asset management?

  • Bringing existing assets into the IoT age
  • Reducing risk from product failure or poor performance going undetected
  • Operational efficiencies, the right action at the right time
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • More customer touch points
  • Revenue generation opportunities
  • Competitive advantages


Benefits of industrial IoT in service delivery

Among many of CDL global clients is a USA-based service delivery business.

The company manages climactic conditions at its customers’ sites, whose products range from food production and pharmaceuticals, to defence and data, to oil and gas.

The critical nature of all these industries means that downtime due to equipment underperformance is unacceptable.

Our client has several hundred items of plant, at many locations across the US and of many varieties. By using our CDLSmartHub, the client can see at a glance [see above pic] where everything is and its status. Drill down monitoring of operational statistics gives peace of mind that the right people are getting the right alerts whenever anything goes off limits.

Having worked with the team at Caption Data for some time now I can tell you that they are great at taking a concept and delivering a scalable product. Caption Data is IoT,” MD, US service delivery company.

The benefits of investing in a cost effective IoT asset management solution, whatever sector you operate in, are far reaching. If you are an OEM, VAR, or working in climate control in the US, why not get in touch with the Caption Data Ltd team to learn more about adopting our SmartHub / PaaS for your industrial IoT solution.

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