IOT or The Internet of Things

IoT Internet of Things infographic

There has been a good deal of publicity this week about the Internet of Things” or “IoT” as a result of the Government allocating £45m of funding for research into this technology.

Inevitably there is the usual rash of largely hypothetical domestic IoT applications [the fridge that orders more milk for you, etc] but little has appeared in the mainstream press about technology that already exists and is in daily use by thousands of business clients of companies like Caption Data Limited.

Our IoT applications number thousands and are in use in over 14 countries around the world and monitor manage and control products as diverse as:

Ta’ Bistra catacombs in Malta [vibration], The Palace of Westminster [temperature,humidity, wood moisture], the IIPSI building at Warwick University [temp, humidity, CO2, power], the Eddystone Lighthouse [shock and vibration], countless retail outlets [Voltage optimisation], countless damage restoration building sites being dried out [temperature, humidity, wood moisture], Uninterruptable Power Supplies in data centres, hospitals, retail outlets; heaters, coolers, blowers, compressors, generators, water quality instruments, air quality instruments, … the list of IoT applications goes on.


Caption Data Limited’s remote data monitoring and control systems save time and money as well as adding value through their blend of robust, autonomous, simple operation at the point of use; in conjunction with secure data transmission via GSM and effective data storage; allowing users easy intuitive yet powerful access via any web enabled device using a standard web browser to get valuable analysis of their data and the ability to configure the data collection system, receive alarm emails and SMS texts if any parameter goes out of bounds, and where appropriate control the actual device or system remotely.

We are passionate about the power of IoT or M2M or wireless telemetry

David Cameron and Angela Merkel say that IoT is the technology of the future and we agree. We happen to think we are already at the leading edge of this technology, and have already gone from early adopters to proven, robust, mass usage.

To discuss your particular use of IoT technology give Caption Data a call and get tomorrow’s technology today.

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