Paul Sanders presents at IoT Oxford 3

Paul Sanders presents at IoT Oxford 3

Paul Sanders, Technical Director at Caption Data was delighted to contribute with a presentation to the IoT Oxford 3 meet up last week on Thursday, July 10th.

The presentation was titled the ‘M2M Nervous System’ and outlined the key m2m system elements in terms of hardware, firmware, data transportation and cloud capabilities. (See the slideshow below or alternatively you can view the slideshow on Slideshare.)

All of these elements are folded into a commercial consideration and enable the complete m2m solution to ‘fly’, by which we mean deliver real tangible and fast return on investment to the client.

The  ‘M2M Nervous System’ presentation has been put together based on 20+ years of combined experience in the m2m sector within the Caption Data team. We have worked with clients in sectors as diverse as Construction, Damage restoration, Iconic building monitoring, UPS, Generators, Coolers, Voltage optimisers, energy management, Government Science facilities, Valuable asset transport, dehumidifiers, Water quality monitoring, and many more.


We would be delighted to contribute at any other meetings around IoT.

Please contact Paul Sanders for more information by phone +44 (0)1905 754078 or email

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