IoT Platform Selection Guide & Research Report

IOT Platform benefits

Below is from the Hitachi sponsored market overview by 451 Research into IOT platforms. The full report can be downloaded HERE


Caption Data experience confirms the #1 motivation being risk reduction, with business interruption risks being particularly high up the agenda

IOT Platform benefits


How does CDL’s IOT Portal the “SmartHub” meet these IOT platform expectations?

Our own market knowledge and feedback from customers tells us it is via a number of factors:

  • Being Agnostic
  • One stop shop for the whole technology stack
  • Agility
  • Scaleability
  • Reach
  • Resiliance

Agnostic IOT Portal

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”  Rhett Butler famously said in the movies. Well we don’t mind what sort of device, what browser or where in the world your products are. Equally, we don’t really mind what it is you want to monitor, control or manage – although we do have a lot more focus on Industrial Equipment and the Built Environment . And with our latest solutions you can measure a whole lot of different parameters and integrate the results. We don’t mind if you want to add more data to our IOT platform or suck our data via an API into your existing management systems.

IoT Platform Solutions from one supplier

End to End IoT
End to End IoT

Rather uniquely CDL work across the whole technology stack. All the way from the down and dirty, hands on, field based data acquisition, through capture and communication, seamlessly and securely to the cloud, management, interrogation, actions [alerts, commands,etc] through to trending and analysis to feeding back actionable insights with the appropriate Ui/Ux.

Many solutions involve multiple suppliers and swim lanes with endless opportunities for mistakes and problems to arise. Not with CDL.




CDL team

Being a small team we believe we offer the best in terms of Agility:  With our own in house resources covering hardware, firmware, software, server and cloud systems, as well as an operational team covering special production, supply chain, quality, and assembly we can make things happen fast. Whether that’s a pilot deployment to prove the concept, or a customised white label IOT platform for you to share with your clients, or application of your particular algorithms, we can work fast.


Its not only being able to scale the IOT Platform, but being able to do it rapidly and integrating it with the client and end user needs. So for example this may mean:

  • Going from 10’s or 100’s of systems on the IOT Platform in a pilot  up to 1000’s of units in a matter of months
  • Creating activation processes so the end user can easily activate and be guided through initial log-ins and configuration.
  • Billing activation and management reports automated
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support arrangements in place
  • Supply chain management for components, PCB etc
  • Warranty process management processes


Since our creation over a decade ago, we have always dealt with clients around the world, and in some of the most tough conditions. So it is inherent in our designs and our state of mind that our products are “internationalized”. Whether that is to do with certifications, CE and FCC accreditation for example, or whether it is coding APN’s to cover international mobile phone operators [if relevant] you get the benefit of many years of international experience and competence.





The resiliency of a system is defined by its capability to resist external perturbances and internal failures; to recover and enter a stable state; and to adapt its structure and behavior to constant change.

Over the years and thousands of systems, we have learnt a thing or two about the design of IOT Platforms so that when the inevitable glitch happens [3rd party comm’s being suddenly unavailable due to mast damage for example] our hardware and platform are designed to provide the best safety systems. That may be on-board data storage so that when comm’s return no data is lost, or simply heartbeat systems so when [not if] the problem happens you are alerted and can decide what action is appropriate.

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