IoT Slam Presentation Slideshow

Here’s a link to the slide show we used in our recent IoT Slam presentation …


We’ve been leading the way in implementation of industrial “Internet of Things”, making real world devices talk to the internet since 2008. Now we have thousands of installations in over 14 countries around the world. From the UK Houses of Parliament, to downtown Californian “Smart” skyscrapers, and embedding technology in anything from air coolers to water quality instrumentation to Emergency power generators to Voltage Optimisers to renewable power systems. Thats what qualified us to present at the IOT Slam.

Whats the main thing we’ve learnt about Industrial IOT?

That our role as an end-to-end solution provider is pivotal.

There is such a lot of scope for delays, mission creep, misunderstanding, cost over runs, under-performance, and general mayhem if responsibilities are shared across numerous suppliers. Customers quite rightly want a return on ther investment, not a rogues gallery giving excuses for failures.

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Other downloads from the IOT Slam conference are available here.

Future IOT conferences include

London November 2016

Virginia USA December 2016

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