IoT solutions provide light touch access to valuable data for frustrated business managers

The genesis of Caption Data over 9 Years ago was directly as a result of the previous 15 years worth of exposure to data logging, process control and supervisory systems such as SCADA and PLC systems.

We kept being asked for ways to get measurement’s into a cloud based environment accessible from a web browser.

We saw (and still see) how frustrated people get with client based software that is often expensive and complex to manage and maintain. We see first hand how customers actually make the decision to not get valuable data/measurement’s from their machinery/products and processes as it is too much hassle. Often there would be few engineers in the organisation who could perform such engineering tasks, and these engineers were commonly already overwhelmed with projects, so getting focused time from this valuable resource was unlikely!

Easy access with IoT to multiple data streams creating new business models

IoT for Facilities Management
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There is a whole new landscape opening up with IoT systems and solutions that are ‘turning on’ organisations with easy to access, commercially accessible and powerful data. This data is no longer closed to a prehistoric client based pieces of software, it is open and can be blended with multiple data streams. This is then where analytics and actionable insights step in, this is where business can operate more efficiently and open up revenue streams that were never previously possible or even known about.





Caption Data, SmartHub and light touch IoT solutions connectivity

I have worn a phrase out over the years “Get a rope over the Water”. It is something I always try to get customers to buy into. Of course it is imperative that you have a system that is secure, flexible and can scale easily, this gets you on the field of play. Once however you ‘have the rope over the water’ the interesting discussions start to take place, as quite often the data has never been seen in such a way. Yes of course it is also important to have a plan and an understanding of what you are trying to achieve from a big picture point of view.

Light touch data allows you to be flexible on your direction of travel

As the data starts to arrive and be viewed, different thought processes and ideas will be triggered, this can be both a positive and negative addition to the IoT journey, the key point is you can change direction easily and cost effectively.

You will never know what other directions you may travel in when the data starts coming in. ‘Getting a rope over the water’ with client based systems was never really that easy, as a result we never really ventured into many of these conversations about data, new business models etc.

Light touch and flexible IoT solutions delivered by Caption Data

So to conclude this blog I would say we are in some very exciting times within IoT. Businesses and organisations are waking up to the power of this information. This is only ever truly realised however with light touch, flexible solutions. Of course delivered by people who know how to deliver IoT solutions.

Paul Sanders

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