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The Link Between Housing and Tenant Health

Housing conditions affect tenants’ health and mental wellbeing. As a social landlord your key objectives are not only around the quantity of the housing portfolio but the quality of homes as well. Supporting vulnerable tenants can be a challenge when resources are stretched. Having insights and data available to trigger alerts to notify of risks helps prioritise available resources and support tenants on a wider scale.

This may be to:

  • Provide financial support and information
  • Prioritise repair work and resources
  • Aid vulnerable or isolated tenants with needed support

Fuel Poverty

The UK has an estimated 4.5 million households living in fuel poverty and struggling to heat their homes.

The primary causes of fuel poverty are low incomes, high energy bills, and energy inefficient homes. The problem is set to rise further with an average increase of 54% in energy costs during 2022.

During the winter season, vulnerable people are especially at risk, this most commonly affects older people and young children. The fuel consumption of the elderly is higher on average than that of the general population. This can be attributed to their increase in ill health which is associated to their age and being at more risk of isolation. This can be exacerbated further if they are in receipt of benefits.

The risk of experiencing severe ill-health or disability during childhood and early adulthood is increased by 25% if an individual lives in poor-quality housing.

As a social housing landlord, your priority is to your tenant’s health. Tenants may not know that they are living in fuel poverty making offering assistance more difficult.

Remote monitoring can proactively provide insights that indicate if a home may be at risk of fuel poverty, if a tenant may be isolated, overcrowding, and poor home health, this enables the customer care team to reach out to the tenant and offer much-needed support.

vulnerable person

A CDL remote monitoring solution for social housing, can identify tenants at risk of fuel poverty and provide insights to uplift tenant wellbeing.

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