IoT survey 2017 and how CDL makes it work for you

Forbes have published a really excellent IoT survey summarising the state of the world of Internet of Things. You can read it here 

While it tells you about lots of the benefits derived by industrial users, it doesn’t tell you anything about how to actually do it! That’s where Caption Data come in! We work with global companies [as well as local ones] to implement IoT in industrial applications, end to end, securely, seamlessly, and painlessly. We specialise in working with OEM’s and in monitoring and managing the Built Environment for our clients.

From our UK base we design, build and implement the 3 key elements of  IoT system for your business. These are facilitating the growth listed in the IoT Survey:


IoT temperature humidity and moisture monitoring system

Specialist hardware – the black boxes are the backbone of your IoT system – to allow you to get your data from your assets, wherever they are to the cloud. These use a portfolio of products we have developed to meet most situations – whether that’s linking to Modbus from an OEM piece of machinery, or monitoring across an entire hospital for Temperature and Humidity, or perhaps monitoring power usage across a franchise network of Automotive shops.




  • IoT survey system

    IoT SmartHub, any device

    The CDL SmartHub – the brain of your IoT System – from where you monitor, manage, configure and run your asset portfolio. Get management reports, alarms, audit trails; track a portfolio of assets or drill down to a particular unit and some of its sensors. Export graphs and trends or download raw data for further analysis.




IoT survey system

IoT system interfaces

Special dashboards, interfaces, UI/UX, including 3D building graphics, unique management information, embedding your specific algorithms to drive prognostics as well as diagnostics… these are part of your business’ daily language.






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Caption Data Limited is a UK company leading the way in applying remote monitoring and “Internet of Things” technology for the Built Environment, and OEMs, Consultants, Construction and FM businesses operating in that sector. With thousands of installed units across 15 countries, we provide end-to-end solutions, all the way from the sensors to the cloud & our SmartHub™. They deliver real ROI, are quick to install, light touch, and above all are practical for our clients.These contribute to the growth in the IoT Survey by Forbes.


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