IP68 rated enclosure for the NanoUlTRA RTU

We have added the IP68 NanoULTRA Case to our ever-growing product family. This provides robust & watertight protection for the NanoULTRA ultra-low

IP68 NanoULTRA case
IP68 NanoULTRA case

power M2M and industrial IOT remote terminal unit.

The problem requiring an IP68 rated NanoULTRA case

The NanoULTRA is often installed and commissioned to operate in extremely harsh environments. These can vary from site construction, to providing datalogging capability in drains or sewers. In many applications, our clients/OEMS provide their own solutions to house the NanoULTRA IOT module, and have suffered water or debris ingress, causing costly damage to datalogging electronics hardware.

So, our clients asked if Caption Data Ltd had a solution for protection of valuable datalogging equipment in various applications.

The Solution – an IP68 rated enclosure for the NanoULTRA

Caption Data gathered its technical and sales support personnel together to brainstorm how we could provide our own hardware for robust protection for the NanoULTRA in challenging environments.

After several months of testing prototypes under IP68 conditions we achieved our goal, and all agreed on a final design. (One of our successful tests involved the case being submerged in fresh water at a depth of 1 mtr for 4 days with no ingress)

The NanoULTRA IP68 Case has been successfully designed for high moisture / dust content areas where IOT M2M monitoring is required using our NanoULTRA datalogging device.

The IP68 case is fitted with some keys features, such as QR codes for quick access via smartphone to the users dedicated CDL SmartHub, and quick start guides so users don’t need to refer to any other documentation when out in the field. We’ve also made it simple for the user, and made sure all physical connections are unique, so it’s easy to pair up the various inputs.

Key Features Include

  • Case dimension 120 x 70 x 131 mm

  • IP68 Tested
  • Externally mounted “force report button” for instant upload of data to the cloud based servers
  • External sockets to accept: High Gain GSM antenna, Battery Pack (Lithium D Cell or Smart battery), Analogue & Digital inputs
  • Visual LED indicators for GSM data transmission progress, NanoULTRA status, SD card status
  • On board SD card for granular “black box flight recorder” data should you need it.

For more information about the IP68 rated NanoULTRA enclosure and all our products…. contact Paul Norman  or any of the team at CDL

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