Live Remote Asset Monitoring Data Map

Do you want to be able to see all of your sensors and equipment in their current locations? Access data from your sensors and equipment without having to go to site? And know immediately from one screen whether it's online or not?

The CDLSmartHub by Caption Data provides a live map with all of your sensors and equipment, and gives you live data and information about their condition. The CDLSmartHub, through which users access their data and which is the beating heart of every user system, now offers dynamic charting allowing concurrent viewing of as many inputs from as many sensors as you wish all on the same dynamic charting screen!

The range of remote monitoring systems and wireless sensors from CDL are some of the most powerful on the market, with up to 8 measurement channels per sensor and up to 256 wireless sensors per base station on some products.

Click on a map marker to see live and historic data from real world sensors, or hover over a map marker to view the last recorded measurements.


Hover over or click on a marker to find out more about the sensors and data being collected from that location.

Other parameters that we can measure:

Co2, Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME), dew point, water quality, instrumentation output, Modbus, Canbus. See an extensive list here.

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