Live Shock and Vibration Data

The interactive graphing system below shows real world data taken from an NanoULTRA Vibe vibration monitoring system in operation at one of our sites in the UK. Follow the instructions on the left, and scroll down to find out more about the features available.

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For every shock event that the NanoULTRA Vibe captures the following information is calculated

CDL Vibe event 1

X1 Y1 Z1
Peak Particle Velocity (mm/s) 3.20805444 43.16965739 33.16667345
Frequency (Hz) 47.46093750 42.67578125 42.67578125
Displacement (mm) 0.01075785 0.16099680 0.12369170
Acceleration (g2s) 0.09675945 1.17078033 0.89949495


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Simply click and drag the cursor right or left to select your area of interest. Release the mouse button to zoom in.

Click on the reset zoom to return to the overall event view.

Analyze data from a single axis or multiple axes

Once an event has been selected you can view data from all 3 axes of the geophone sensor or select an individual axis.

single or multiple axis view

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Easily download an image of the graph

Using the button in the top right corner of the plot you can save the selected plot in a number of different formats. From here you can easily share to multiple parties in a matter of seconds.

Introducing the NanoULTRA Vibe

The NanoULTRA Vibe offers robust self-powered remote vibration monitoring equipment which continuously checks shock and vibration levels while transferring data on any “events” exceeding your pre-set limits up to the CDLSmartHub.

Access to the CDLSmartHub is from any internet enabled device, on any browser, with no software to load.

Find out more about the vibration monitoring capabilities of the NanoULTRA Vibe

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