Live Temperature and Humidity Data

The interactive graphing system below shows real world data taken from an NanoULTRA Matrix remote environmental monitoring system in operation throughout our offices and laboratory monitoring temperatures and humidities. Follow the instructions on the left, and scroll down to find out more about the features available.

1. Select Sensor

2. Select Period

3. Select Style

Zoom in on map

Click and drag in the plot area to zoom in

Simply click and drag the cursor right or left to select your area of interest. Release the mouse button to zoom in.

Click on the reset zoom to return to the original date selection.

Analyze data from single or multiple sensors

Each battery powered wireless sensor is equipped with a combined temperature and humidity sensor. Firstly click the location of the sensor(s) of interest and then select/de-select the metrics at the bottom of the plot area.

More information on our wireless sensors can be found at ourNanoULTRA Matrix page.

Server room sensor only

Identify trends over time

Identify trends over time by selecting different time periods

This demonstration allows you to select 1, 7 or 28 day time periods. Once these have been selected you can still zoom into a shorter time frame as detailed above.

All of our operational systems allow you to present data from the time the systems are first installed.

Single or dual axis graph styles

Quite often plotting two different metrics on one graph can make the measurements less easy to read. With the dual axis function you can plot temperature against the left axis and humidity against the right axis.

Single or dual axis

Create an image of the graph on screen

Easily download an image of the graph

Using the button in the top right corner of the plot you can save the selected plot in a number of different formats. From here you can easily share to multiple parties in a matter of seconds.

Introducing the NanoULTRA Matrix

The NanoULTRA Matrix can be used to provide constant monitoring of structural and environmental conditions, including temperature and humidity at remote sites. Real time alarms via Email and SMS, along with access to data online from any device, anywhere at anytime allow you to know exactly what’s happening on site, whether you are there or not.

Find out more about the remote monitoring capabilities of the NanoULTRA Matrix

Nano ULTRA-Matrix

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