M2M Corrosion Monitoring & Corrosion Control

Managing Corrosion Risks

Major assets such as pipelines, tanks, reinforced concrete structures, water cooling or heating systems have massive inherent risks from galvanic corrosion throughout their lifetime. This makes it essential that you monitor corrosion.

Continuous Real Time Corrosion Monitoring

Whatever the instrumentation - such as galvanic or impressed current, dissolved Oxygen, pressure, conductivity - monitoring and managing remotely, even in the most remote locations, keeps you in control. Corrosion monitoring can be linked to other structural monitoring.

Predict, Prevent, Audit, and Cyber-Secure

Single assets or collating multiple locations you have both the insight and ability to take actions, with full audit trails and a high integrity secure system.

Dashboards on Multiple devices

Managing Corrosion Risks

Overview of Remote Monitoring for Corrosion Prevention

Caption Data are active in all types of Remote Asset Monitoring and have been involved in providing telemetry, with on line dashboards, alarming, reporting and monitoring to clients in the Corrosion Monitoring field since the company’s foundation in 2008.

With design lifetimes measured in multiples of decades, and failure costs in multi £ millions, the cost of permanent monitoring becomes relatively insignificant compared to the costs of reinstatement (to say nothing of litigation) in the event of an avoidable failure through corrosion. This is especially true if any such failure falls into the category of a “single point of failure” leading to total system/asset close down. Facilities Management providers often assume responsibilities for installations with potentially large liabilities in the event of later failures.

Whatever the Asset type, perhaps water or fuel pipelines & tanks, or reinforced concrete structures, knowing that the technology exists to manage associated corrosion risks in an automated, on line, real time way, makes reliance on periodic manual sampling techniques a dubious choice.

Key factors in this decision (to automate on line) will also need to reflect:

  • Ease of deployment in both existing and new installations. Provided the necessary sensors can be placed, there is usually no difficulty to retrofit to existing installations. Its quick and cost effective.
  • Robustness, for prolonged installation in often remote and exposed environments.
  • Signal transmission, if using GSM
  • Battery life, if no mains power is available. Caption Data supply ultra-low power M2M gateway products where service life can be many years.
  • Granularity of data required, sampling and reporting frequencies, whether local higher frequency alarming is required.
  • Additional Remote Monitoring to be integrated, perhaps structural monitoring or environmental monitoring.
  • Data security, archiving, audit trails, security credentials, etc.
Continuous Monitoring
Predict, Prevent, Audit, and Cyber-Secure

Nano Ultra

Ready to Deploy Asset Corrosion Monitoring Systems

By utilizing universal remote data monitoring systems, the RDL//nano, we are able to measure virtually any parameter through a range of I/O channels.

Your data is then securely transferred to our secure servers where it can be accessed via the CDLSmartHub.

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Your Data Transformed with the CDLSmartHub

The CDLSmartHub transforms your raw data into operational knowledge.

Through the CDLSmartHub you can manage, monitor and visualise your data in a way that suits you, whether that's in dashboard KPI, graph or global map view.


SMS and Online Alerts

Live Corrosion Email and SMS Trigger Alarms

Configure SMS and email alerts for individual users to ensure you never lose track of what's going on with your assets.

Other Remote Monitoring Applications Include

What Do Our Customers Think?

"Caption Data assisted us in integrating the telemetry system seamlessly, quickly and easily into our existing system" - National Utility Sales Manager

“Ease of integration is what we’re about. We were able to implement data from the CDLSmartHub against our standard structure by connecting our servers with Caption Data servers” - Real Time Data Specialist

“The system was able to find mobile network coverage with ease by using roaming sims that offer an uninterrupted supply of data” - Specialist Remote Monitoring Consultant

“The ability to remotely access live motion data from this iconic landmark, and to be able to change the threshold at which we acquire such data has been a tremendous asset for our research project” - Associate Professor

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