Managing a network of field assets has never been easier

Managing a network of field assets has never been easier

Introducing the NanoULTRA….

With over 30 man years of experience we’ve developed a unique understanding of our customer’s needs, how we can support them and add value within their organisations and their markets. 

Since we began delivering end-to-end remote monitoring solutions we have been privileged to support ongoing conservation of the timber roof at Westminster Hall through a range of environmental monitoring systems, help a team of researchers at Plymouth University’s School Of Marine Science & Engineering complete first of it’s kind monitoring on a lighthouse located 13 miles out to sea through vibration monitoring as well as supporting a wide range of businesses from SMEs to Bluechip Organisations to implement real time data from their field assets.

Now putting that experience to work, we’ve developed a state-of-the-art M2M remote terminal unit, called the NanoULTRA, with ultra-low power consumption for long term field applications, mobile connectivity for the most remote sites and a massive 16 I/Os for the flexibility to interface with a wide range of assets, sensors and other equipment or machinery.


Technology Summary

Managing a network of field assets has never been easier with the flexibility of up to 16 I/Os, ultra-low power consumption, on board intelligence for real time local monitoring, integrated SD card, communication via mobile phone networks, and high resolution data transfer seamlessly and securely from multiple assets to the CDLSmartHub™.

From the CDLSmartHub™ you can configure and manage assets, set alarms and audit trails, integrate and export data, view trends, visualisations and analytics.


Remote Monitoring Applications

The NanoULTRA has been developed to solve common challenges faced in some of the following applications:

  • Single and multi site installations, nationally and internationally
  • Remote asset monitoring and control solutions
  • Embedded solutions for original equipment manufacturers [OEM]
  • Energy & Carbon management systems
  • Voltage optimisation
  • Water Quality instrumentation
  • Process monitoring and control
  • Corrosion monitoring
  • Clean Renewable & Hybrid power
  • Portable Generators
  • UPS & emergency power systems
  • Smart building controls
  • Smart grid transformer monitoring


Are you looking for real time data from field assets?

We can help. Contact us to find out more about the NanoULTRA and how it will work alongside your existing assets, sensors, equipment and other machinery.


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