Matrix+ leak detection system FAQ’s

  1.  Do I need a specialist to install the system
    1. No – the system has been designed to be installed with the minimum amount of training
  2. What is the wireless range on the sensors?
    1. At least five floors of solid concrete, so in summary you should be able to cover a ten floor range with one gateway
  3. What happens if I need another gateway?
    1. Simply install another gateway, the sensors will automatically route through the gateway to your account
  4. How many sensors can be added to one gateway?
    1. 100+
  5. Do I need to involve my IT department to deliver the data from the sensors?
    1. No, the gateway can operate from 3G/4G, simply plug the gateway in to establish a link to the CDL SmartHub
  6. How long will the sensor batteries last?
    1. Typical lifetimes should be better than 6 Years, this is dependent however on ambient temperature and some other factors
  7. How do I configure alarm recipients?
    1. When you are given an account you can easily add email/sms alarm recipients via the CDL SmartHub. This is a cloud based platform that operates securely through a browser
  8. What happens if I wish to add another site to my account?
    1. You will be able to set up unlimited projects/sites through the CDL SmartHub

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