Matrix+ | For Vibration Monitoring Applications

Simple Setup and Easy-To-Use

Simply power up the gateway and then force report the battery powered sensors. You can manage all system settings online remotely with our CDLSmartHub.

Long Battery Life

Sensor battery life can be in excess of 5 Years

Vast Sensor Options

Up to 1000 sensors to one gateway

Wireless Communication

Gateway has onboard modem with roaming sim (as standard) allows remote vibration monitoring throughout the UK, Europe and around the world.

CDLSmartHub IoT Dashboard

Our own IoT reporting platform offers real time remote monitoring data, configure and manage devices, alarms, audit trails, graphs and trends, dashboards, visualisations and analytics!

Minimalistic sensor for vibration detection applications 

Product overview

Remote Vibration Monitoring with the Matrix+ IoT Solution

The Matrix + solution provides an efficient, distributed vibration alert system.

The wireless sensors communicate to the Matrix+ gateway and then to the CDLSmartHub™ IoT platform. The sensors are ideally suited to covering wide, distributed areas giving high levels of confidence that assets are not being damaged by excess levels of vibration.

The sensors monitor for vibration levels at high speed and will count the amount of ‘vibration events’ over a given period. When the sensor reports into the CDLSmartHub™ , alerts can be generated via sms/email to configured recipients.

Each sensor can be named in the platform which will be included in the alert message allowing you to take corrective action.

There is a wide range of additional sensors for this solution extra measurements include noise, light, power, temperature, RH, leak detection and much more - view the full range here »

Key Features of Matrix + for Vibration Monitoring Applications.

  • Battery powered sensors (battery life up to 5 Years)
  • Each sensor monitors for levels of vibration (in g) that exceed pre-set thresholds
  • A count of exceptions is returned to the CDLSmartHub
  • Sensor to gateway range up to 1km
  • IP67 versions available for outdoor usage
  • Quick and easy setup with minimal training
  • Up to 1000 sensors to one gateway
  • Gateway has cellular connectivity eliminating need for LAN/WAN (options are available for Wifi/Ethernet)


Live Vibration Email and SMS Trigger Alarms

Instant email and SMS alerts when alarm thresholds are triggered alert your key people to potentially dangerous vibration levels, allowing immediate remedial action to be taken to minimise vibration impact on neighbouring property.

Administrators can manage who receives alerts by email and SMS ensuring your key people have the information they need to make decision in real time - not hours, days or weeks after the damage is done.

Vibration monitoring alarm trigger

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