Matrix + | Water leak detection and prevention

Measurement Options Include

Ambient temperature and RH sensor

Moisture Content Reading (WME/Ω)

Perfect for detection of slow, advancing leaks through screed floors (WME/wood moisture equivalent).

Leak Detection Rope

Detect leaks over wide areas cost effectively

Matrix + | Water leak detection and prevention


Wireless Sensor Solution for Leak Detection and Prevention

The Matrix+ IoT solution has options that have been specifically developed for detection and subsequent prevention of leaks within the built environment.

The wireless sensor options provide flexible methods for the detection and subsequent alerting when leaks occur.

The sensors are battery powered and communicate wirelessly (via a cellular gateway) to the CDLSmartHub.

The CDLSmartHub is a secure, web based platform where all sensors can be monitored and reported on, making sure your property is well protected.

CDL have evolved the system over 10 Years and can be installed with minimal training getting your property to a high level of protection in an efficient time frame


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Controlling environments and interfacing to BMS systems

Remote Monitoring dashboard from anything to the CDLSmartHub

CDLSmartHub Integration for Online Remote Management

Remotely monitor conditions with the Matrix+ and get instant access to your data online in real time with the CDLSmartHub, accessible on any smart phone, tablet, laptop of PC.

The CDLSmartHub is a web based application that is accessible via any browser allowing you to manage all remote units from one login. You can also: send alarms on any measurement to multiple recipients via email and/or sms, view powerful industry specific dashboards with 3D visualisations and much more!

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