Matrix+ the wireless and battery vibration monitoring system FAQ

Minimalistic sensor for vibration detection applications 

What does the Matrix+ Vibration system do?

The sensors monitor for vibration levels at high speed and will count the amount of ‘vibration events’ over a given period. When the sensor reports into the CDLSmartHub™ , alerts can be generated via sms/email to configured recipients.

Each sensor can be named in the platform which will be included in the alert message allowing you to take corrective action.

Each sensor is preconfigured at CDL and fully tested. The settings include:-

  1. How often the sensor can report into the CDLSmartHub™ (typically 10-minute intervals)
  2. The vibration threshold level can be set between 0.1 and 1g

Please Note the following points:-

  1. The magnitude of the vibration will not be shown on the CDLSmartHub™ , only a count of how many times the configured g level was exceeded
  2. Vibration levels need to be pre-configured at CDL

Matrix+ Vibration system introduction videos

A brochure can be found at


How do you install the Matrix+ Vibration system?

  • Power up gateway – automatic connection to CDLSmartHub via a cellular connection (No need for LAN/WAN)
  • Power up battery sensors and force report via magnet
  • Locate sensors at monitoring locations
    • Sensors are wireless and can communicate up to 1km from the gateway
  • Log into CDLSmartHub™ and name sensors and configure alert recipients
    • Messages can be sent via SMS and/or email
  • THAT’S IT 🙂

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