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In the second in a series of Meet the Team interviews we spent time getting to know Tom Paine the man behind some of Caption Data’s innovative SaaS platforms.

We’ve all heard the stereotypes of Software Developers and while in some case they might be true, we can certainly vouch for Tom who completely bucks this trend.


Firstly, can you tell us more about what your role involves?

As Software Developer, I spend most of my working week designing and developing user interfaces as well as continually developing the overall user experience of our CDLSmartHub. The front-end application is only as good as the data provided, so I take pride in creating firmware for products such as the RDL//nano.

What’s the best part of your role as Software Developer?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my role comes from constant customer contact supporting customers with queries and further developing our products with customer input.

I’ve had many opportunities to develop products from initial ideas through to front end applications used by our customers, and seeing them in use that’s rewarding.

Sounds like you’re happy doing what you do. How did you get into Software Development?

In 2010 I graduated from the Bangor University with a first class BSc in Computer Science and I’ve been working at Caption Data ever since.

Before I began my studies I realised that considering the way the world was going that a career in IT would be fruitful and I would develop useful skills that could help in other areas of life too. For instance, with experience of software languages such as HTML and PHP, I was able to develop a website to promote a drama group I’m a member of.

Hold on, did you say drama group?

Yes. I’m a member of two drama groups in Kidderminster; Kidderminster Operatic and Dramatic Society (KODS) and Carpet Trades Musical Theatre Company.

A man of the arts, interesting. How did you get involved in drama?

I was brought up on it by my parents who met in the society. I’ve been involved with KODS now for 15 years.

Have you been involved with many shows?

I recently took one of the lead male roles in a KODS production of Me and My Girl as Gerard Bollingbroke, an attractive young, posh but soppy man, nothing like me.

*The National Operatic and Dramatic Association described Tom as a young talent and in their review said, “Tom played his part unlike others” and “he did not over play it”.

**The Kidderminster Shuttle said that Tom played the part of Gerard to perfection.


What’s next for your thespian alter ego?

In September I will become the Business and Publicity manager for KODS.

2016 will be a busy year as the society celebrates 100 years in drama with the popular Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Evita.

In last month’s Meet the Team interview with Lucy, she mentioned that you aren’t afraid to get stuck in except for when it’s your turn to make a round of drinks, how would you respond to this Tom?

Lucy obviously drinks too fast.

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