Modbus to the Cloud in Record Time

Modbus Device to the Cloud in Record Time from Any Controller!

Every day seems to bring a new request to connect a Modbus device to our SmartHub™ in order to give clients that rich functionality, to monitor, manage and inform. All done remotely, in real-time, and online. So how do we get Modbus Controllers talking to the CDL SmartHub™ so quickly, securely, and seamlessly?

The Intelligence is in the SmartHub

Once the NanoULTRA-III - is connected to your target device (RS232 or RS485) and powered up, all of the configuration work is then done via the SmartHub, there is no need to connect to the device directly with a PC to configure Modbus communications. This can all be achieved, securely via any browser/Smart Device.

The Nano Ultra has on board intelligence too!

With local intelligence for real-time monitoring against user-configured thresholds on all parameters, an onboard SD card for local recording of highly granular data [@1hz on all parameters], FOTA [firmware over the air] to both the modem and microcontroller, BLE communication options for device management via local smart devices, GPS options, and the lowest power consumption of any comparable device in case you need to run on battery packs, the NanoULTRA-III is the solution of choice.
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Modbus Configuration Options

Modbus Configuration Options

  • Quickly add new controllers with a list of Modbus registers
  • Set baud rates, stop bits etc.
  • Save Controllers which can be recalled at any point in the future with new NanoULTRA-III systems
  • Configure registers for both read and write functions
  • Add up to four different slave devices to any one NanoULTRA-III e.g. Power meter, flow meter, environmental sensor all communicating to one NanoULTRA-III
  • Configure what Users (as opposed to administrators) can view
  • Select which registers you wish to monitor at high frequency
  • Apply bit masks to data strings and associate to alarm messages

Modbus slave configuration

Exploiting Modbus with the CDL SMartHub

The NanoUltra - III

  • Robust, small form factor, GSM remote telemetry unit with a host of unique features. PDF Data sheet
  • Modbus comms plus many others (RS232 or RS485)
  • Instrumentation grade, multi gain analogue inputs
  • Digital I/O
  • Integrated SD card for greater granularity of data, and any off grid time *Certain conditions apply
  • Full FOTA [Firmware over the air]
  • 48 hour emergency battery back up [optional] in case of power outages
  • Probably the worlds lowest RTU power consumption for use on batteries in field situations – power packs available separately

From any “Thing” using any Modbus Controller

We’ll have your Modbus products talking to the CDL SmartHub in next to no time.

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