Remote Flooring Monitoring at the Tate Modern Gallery

When it comes to remote monitoring solutions, Caption Data are highly regarded specialists! We were recently tasked with a challenge for one of the most iconic galleries in the world – the Tate Modern! Find out more about how we helped.

Tate Modern Extension

Tate Modern Extension

How Does Remote Monitoring Flooring Help?

How does remote monitoring flooring help ensure that a ¬£260 million revamp of one of London’s most iconic cultural buildings goes smoothly?

It also needed to go quickly and with extreme precision! This was the challenge given to Caption Data and Humidity Devices by the contractors of the Tate Modern Extension!

It was especially challenging due to the precision involved. Each gap between timbers in the floor had to be 0.4mm and have a 1mm accuracy across spans of 30 m. And all this across 10,000 square meters of flooring spread over 10 storeys. Monitoring flooring & controlling ambient conditions to to avoid expansion of timbers was critical to the outcome.

Tate Modern floor

Tate Modern floor

Monitoring Flooring with Wireless Sensors

Fortunately the RDL//1000 wireless sensor system from CDL was there to monitor everything. The system monitored flooring for combinations of ambient temerature and humidity and wood moisture levels, constantly comparing to preset thresholds.

This data was sent to the CDL SmartHub, and site staff could not only monitor on their smart phones and tablets, but received automatic alerts whenever a threshold was breached.

This allowed them to resolve issues as they arose and before any damage to the wood floors occured.

RDL1000 temperature humidity and moisture monitoring

RDL1000 temperature humidity and moisture monitoring

Monitoring flooring across the entire site there were 4 base stations collating data from over 80 sensors. Each base station was able to collate data from sensors spread across 4 floors, despite the massive thicknesses of concrete involved.


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