More than double the field-life and double the intelligence

More than double the field-life and double the intelligence

Introducing the new and improved RDL//Vibe – with a host of improvements based on growing customer feedback!

A common challenge faced by RDL//Vibe users is in the lack of power availability – to overcome the challenge, our remote shock and vibration monitoring system, the RDL//Vibe has always been battery powered as standard and optimised for the lowest power usage possible.

Three years on since the first RDL//Vibe was sold, we are proud to announce improvements that will really make a difference, that offer more than double the field-life and double the intelligence:

  • Double Lithium D cell for twice the field life whilst still maintaining compact form factor
  • Power reducing firmware for further field life extension multipliers
  • Variable heartbeat monitoring frequencies for system integrity check
  • New form factor cast aluminium IP66 enclosure for greater robustness
  • Low profile/high signal antenna for reduced risk of damage on construction sites
  • Fully roaming international SIM as standard for reduced “reception black holes”
  • Extended range of Geophone frequencies
  • Enhanced cloud portal features including :
  • PPV (peak particle velocity) feature
  • QR code for fast access to data
  • Smart phone GPS upload for precise location mapping

The latest improvements offer enhanced remote monitoring reliability, online & real time, with minimum hassle, much longer field life and greater functionality – our customers spoke and told us these are some of the features they would love and we listened.

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