MSR165 shock data logger now with 200 g working range

MSR165 shock data logger now with 200 g working range

An extended working range of up to 200g and a recording period that is up to ten times longer: with these features, the MSR165 data logger facilitates even more precise shock measurements. Critical events, which may occur during the transportation and storage of delicate goods, can now be recorded continuously for up to five years using the MSR165.

Exactly five years ago, the MSR165 shock and vibration data logger was presented for the first time at the SENSOR+TEST Measurement Fair in Nuremberg, Germany. Meanwhile, this mini logger by Swiss MSR Electronics GmbH has made a name for itself, particularly in the field of transportation monitoring, and is sold in more than 30 countries worldwide. The MSR165 has established itself due to features that are still pivotal for its success five years later: 1600 shock measurements per second in all three axes, the capacity to store over 1 billion measured values, and, furthermore, the option of equipping the unit with additional temperature, humidity, pressure or light sensors. All this is diligently manufactured in Switzerland and packaged in a compact case.

Shock values up to 200 g measured

Following the enhancement of the MSR165 in recent years, primarily concerning its memory capacity (2 million measured values by default, 1 billion measured values with a microSD card) as well as the software for capturing and evaluating the recorded values, this data logger is now being optimised with respect to its working range and power supply. Whilst it was previously possible to monitor shocks up to ±15 g, the user now has a working range of up to ±200 g. This extended working range is beneficial when it comes to recording applications where very large forces occur suddenly, for instance in the field of transportation monitoring of delicate goods, aerospace, as well as drop and impact tests in the industry. The 3-axis acceleration sensor starts recording data either when an acceleration threshold is exceeded or at a set time. 32 measured values are recorded even before the shock event takes place, to ensure that the history of the shock can be examined during a g-analysis. As a result, the user not only knows that a shock has occurred but also identifies the exact development of the shock.

Recording data for up to 10 times longer

The MSR165 data logger, which works self-sufficiently in long-term operation, has extremely low power requirements due to its high-performance 3-axis digital accelerometer (150 microampere, 13-bit resolution). Thanks to its rechargeable 800 mAh lithium-polymer battery, the unit can record shock measurements over a period of up to six months by default. In order to satisfy the demand for an even longer recording period, MSR Electronics GmbH now offers two additional options for long-term power supply to the data logger:

For a longer recording period of up to five years – which is, for instance, required in order to document transportation, storage conditions and operating conditions of machines to be exported over a long period of time – the MSR165 can now be equipped with replaceable batteries (3.6 V, 2 x 7700 mAh, Li-SOCl2). The batteries are stored in an industrial-strength, splash-proof cast aluminum case.


Another option of increasing the recording period of the MSR165 by up to six times is to use the “MSR Power Pack”. The MSR Power Pack is an autonomous charging station with a capacity of 5000 mAh that can be used to recharge the internal battery of the data logger during operation. The charging interval of the unit can be adjusted individually: 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days.

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