Multi-Language Remote Monitoring System Interface

The Caption Data SmartHub currently supports over six languages. If your language is not supported any addition of new languages is a painlessly, quick exercise using our language tables.

Multi language remote monitoring system

Current Language’s Supported Include

This is not an exhaustive list - other languages can be integrated:

  • English
  • German

  • Dutch
  • Finnish

  • Swedish
  • Norwegian

We fully appreciate that whilst a different Country may speak the same language, the terminology may be completely different so within the language table you can easily add your own preferences in the way items are labelled.

Translations table

Time Zone Adjustment

At Caption Data we have systems in over 14 different Countries from Austria to Australia! To make the system easy for you to use it automatically adjusts all timing references to local time.

This includes any trends that are produced or any data that is downloaded.


Engineering Units and preferences

Engineering units and preferences will change not just from Country to Country but within companies in the same country.

The CDLSmartHub offers you a number of tools to configure and select the engineering units that work for you.

As an example in the water damage industry, in Europe the preference is displaying specific humidity in g/kg OR g/m3, both of these options are available. If however you are from the US then there is a strong probability the units will need to be displayed in grains per pound or mixing ratio.

The CDLSmartHub has been configured so that if you have your preferences set to US, then every time you log in you will see units that are seamlessly adjusted to grains per pound.


Metric measurement example:

Metric Measurement Table

Imperial measurement example:

Imperial Measurement Table

Summary of our Multi-language remote monitoring system

We want users of Caption Data products to be completely at home with the CDLSmartHub environment. To facilitate this we make the system as configurable as possible and as seamlessly efficient as possible. We have active user interface/user experience groups to help focus future development of the CDLSmartHub on what our users need and want.

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