Nano ULTRA-III Range

Enterprise grade IoT gateway

The NanoULTRA-III Elite delivers a truly scalable, enterprise grade solution for industrial applications. Standard connectivity features include 2G/3G/4G, Ethernet and Wifi. Options are available for worldwide accreditation making for a truly global offering.

Universal Connectivity

On board I/O’s and powerful modbus (RS232/485 and TCP) connectivity deliver a flexible range of asset interfacing options. A range of signal conditioning modules are available to make signal expansion capacity to 100’s I/O’s.

Edge based intelligence

Sending ‘all of the data, all of the time’ can contribute to non-viable, cellular data costs. The NanoULTRA - III range enables you to act on the data that you need and when you need it .

CDLSmartHub IoT Platform

The NUIII range of IoT gateways work seamlessly with the CDL IoT platform – CDLSmartHub. The platform helps you deliver insights from your asset data in near real time through a standard browser. The platform has evolved over 13 Years and is fully scalable, secure and resilient



Managing a network of field assets has never been easier with the NanoULTRA – III Range. With the flexibility of up I/Os, an option of integrated SD card, and communication via mobile phone networks. The high-resolution data transfer happens seamlessly and securely from multiple assets to our secure cloud platform, the CDLSmartHub™, where the raw data can be turned into actionable insights.

Caption Data developed the NanoULTRA-III Range with the Elite, Pro and Lite to offer flexibility to suit the needs and budget of our clients.

From the CDLSmartHub™ you can configure and manage assets, set alarms, view audit trails, integrate and export data, view trends, visualise data and integrate 3rd party analytics. Investing in the Nano ULTRA - III and CDLSmartHub™ gives you access to a fully integrated end-to-end IoT solution to effectively manage your assets.

From the CDLSmartHub you can configure and manage assets, set alarms and audit trails, integrate and export data, view trends, visualisations and analytics.

Key NanoULTRA-III (Elite) Remote Monitor Features

  • Seamless cellular communication with the CDLSmartHub™ asset cloud platform
  • Simple installation and configuration, achievable at scale with non-technical employees
  • RS485/232 communication with toolset to quickly set up Modbus communications (one
    off configuration charges apply – see price list) Cloud based IoT platform

  • On board WiFi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Digital and Analogue i/o’s available (CDL also offer wide range of expansion modules)
  • World wide accreditations offering a truly global, enterprise grade solution
  • GPS location and tracking capabilities
  • Integrated SD card storage for mass storage of granular data sets
  • Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) for agile innovation and system management


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