Nano ULTRA-Matrix+ Wireless Multi-Sensor Monitoring System

Simple Setup and Easy-To-Use

Simply switch it on and start monitoring! You can manage all system settings online remotely with our Cloud based IoT platform the CDLSmartHub.

Long Battery Life

Typically 5+ Years battery life for a truly fit and forget experience.

Extra Inputs

Extensive range of sensors available.

LoRa Wireless Sensor Network

Long range wireless sensors allowing for minimal disruption during installation - no reliance on local IT networks to transmit data.

2000m Line of Sight Sensor Range

Up to 5000m line of sight and 2000m indoor sensor range.

Matrix+ Gateway
Matrix+ Gateway

Product overview

Remote Monitoring with Nano ULTRA-Matrix+ Wireless Sensors

The NanoULTRA-Matrix+ allows you connect multiple wireless sensors to the CDLSmartHub™ allowing measurement of
temperature, humidity, CO2, Voltage, current, vibration and much more. The battery powered sensors have excellent
penetration within buildings making for a quick and easy set up process, this is complimented by 5+ Years battery life for a
truly fit and forget experience.

The data is sent via the gateway and then transmitted to our secure IoT cloud platform, the CDLSmartHub™, where the
data can be turned into actionable insights. From the CDLSmartHub™ you can configure and manage assets, set alarms,
view audit trails, integrate and export data, view trends and visualise data. Investing in the NanoULTRA - Matrix+ and
CDLSmartHub™, gives you access to a fully integrated end-to-end IoT solution to effectively manage your assets.

Nano ULTRA-Matrix+ Measurements

  • Machinery up time
  • Temperature/Humidity monitoring
  • Outdoor temperature/Humidity
  • Dust
  • Light levels
  • Water leak detection
  • Air quality
  • Vibration levels
  • Pulse counter inputs for energy/flow meters
  • Voltage/current levels
  • Activity timers
  • CT current sensors
  • CO2
  • Occupancy sensor and more.....

Features and benefits

Nano ULTRA-Matrix+ Data

Live Sensor Data - Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Remotely monitor levels from multiple sites, buildings or locations on a single online platform called the CDLSmartHub - creating the best IoT cloud based remote monitoring system available today.

The CDLSmartHub app is accessible from any smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC without having to install software or apps.

It allows you to create multiple customer levels and departments with the ability to name devices and sort them by a customer/department.

You can view data over a selected date and time frame whilst being able to graph multiple devices to allow easy multi-site comparison.

The interactive graphing allows you to zoom in specific events and view more detailed data which you can then download data in various formats, including CSV, PDF, Jpeg and more.

There's also a useful API Integration to allow agile integration with third party SaaS packages or integration with existing business systems.

From the CDLSmartHub application you can manage all system settings including:

  1. Sampling and reporting periods
  2. Convert inputs into meaningful data by setting ranges and measurement unit type (°C, RH, P PM,kWh)
  3. Manage user accounts
  4. View raw data and visualise data in graph format or download the data for external use

Read more about the CDLSmartHub

Live Email and SMS Trigger Alarms

Instant email and SMS alerts when alarm thresholds are triggered alert your key people to potentially dangerous sensor levels, allowing immediate action to be taken to minimise impact.

Administrators can manage who receives alerts by email and SMS ensuring your key people have the information they need to make decision in real time - not hours, days or weeks after the damage is done.

Vibration monitoring alarm trigger

Nano ULTRA-Matrix+ FAQ’s

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