NanoATOM Wireless Sensor & Data Logger

Deploying remote environmental sensors has never been quicker and easier. The NanoATOM is a self contained, battery powered temperature and humidity data logger that seamlessly communicates its values to the CDL SmartHub - recording temperature and relative humidity (RH).

As soon as the sensor is switched on it will start to transmit the temperature and RH measurements at a pre-defined rate to the CDL SmartHub. All communication is via the cellular network which eliminates any need to access any WiFi network and any associated security issues - making this a truly independent remote monitoring system.

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Multi parameter wireless sensor featuring:

  • Combined, on board temperature and humidity sensor

  • Rechargeable, high capacity integral battery for complete stand alone operation

  • Discrete form factor

  • Seamless data logging and operation with CDL SmartHub

  • Pinpoint geographical sensor location

  • Pre-loaded roaming SIM card fitted

  • % RH (relative humidity) and Temperature


Web Based

  • Secure access via any Smart Device or PC through standard browsers
  • Zero need to install any software or plugins on PC’s and devices

Plot Device Location

  • Visualise all assets on a single map page
  • Instantly respond to devices that have fallen outside if your pre-set environmental conditions
  • Get sub 1 meter accuracy on location using QR code/location over ride feature

Plot data and share

  • Plot all measure parameters from any NanoATOM in a dynamic environment
  • Download data and share in a number of different open formats (csv, jpg, xlsx, gif, pdf)

Multi layer user administration

  • Add extra tiers of Companies and users below your own Company (with relevant permissions)
  • Add and take away users in seconds
  • Give configured Companies ability to use their own Company logo on the SmartHub
  • Full audit trail of all logins and failed logins

Event based alarms via sms/email

  • Set alarm levels for high and low alarms on any unit
  • Send sms and email alarms to any configured user
  • Full audit trail of every alarm




Built-in 3.7V/2000mAh Lithium battery
Rechargeable via USB port


Operational Temperature range -
-20 to +60 °C

Flash memory

Will store up to 2880 samples for upload when GSM signal is available e.g. If GSM connectivity is lost the NanoATOM will store the data and upload the data when the GSM connection is re-established

Sensor accuracies/ranges

On board ambient sensor:-
-10 to +70 °C , ±0.3°C
0-80% RH, ±2% (20 to 80%), ±3% (0-10, 80-100%)

Sampling/measurement rat

Sample rate is configured via CDLSmartHub
Standard sample/report rate is 1 hour


FCC US (Pending)
WEEE regulations apply

Plotting data via the SmartHub

Data Plotting from the NanoATOM Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Configuration, positional and alarm setting via the SmartHub

Configuration of NanoATOM Temperature and Humidity Sensor
















Food Storage

Food Storage

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