NanoULTRA Edge M2M Remote Monitoring Terminal Unit


Low Power Consumption

This wireless remote data logger has possibly the lowest power consumption of its kind anywhere for prolonged field applications via GSM using battery power - making it truly a serious remote monitoring device.

Universal Connectivity

This wireless data logger has a massive range of i/o’s including 4 x 16 bit gain-adjustable analogue inputs, 4 x digital i/o’s, serial, CANbus, MOBbus, GPS and more - it really is the king of universal internet of things devices!

Super Granular Data

For super granular data that can't be sent over the air, and as a “black box flight recorder” style back up, these remote terminal units have an on board SD card recording data once every second for up to 7 years.

CDLSmartHub IoT Dashboard

Our own IoT reporting platform offers geo positioning, real time remote monitoring data, configure and manage devices, alarms, audit trails, graphs and trends, dashboards, visualisations and analytics!

Nano Ultra-Edge

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Product Overview

Nano ULTRA-Edge – Universal Wireless Monitoring & Control of Field Assets

A compact, universal, ultra-low power M2M and industrial IOT remote terminal unit for mobile connectivity with SD card, instrument grade I/Os and CDLSmartHub integration for online management.

The world increasingly expects real time information on performance, and especially when Service Level Agreements are involved, warranty and failure costs are so high and reputational damage can be huge. The cost of after sales and customer support demands ever increasing efficiency, so clients need autonomous, robust, high tech & high quality monitoring systems that deliver seamless performance.

This is where the Nano ULTRA-Edge M2M wireless data logger excels. We allow equipment manufacturers to build-in the terminal unit directly into their product - allowing constant remote instrument monitoring via our CDLSmartHub.

Technology Summary

Managing a network of field assets has never been easier with the flexibility of up to 16 I/Os, ultra-low power consumption, on board intelligence for real time local monitoring, integrated SD card, communication via mobile phone networks, and high resolution data transfer seamlessly and securely from multiple assets to the CDLSmartHub™.

From the CDLSmartHub you can configure and manage assets, set alarms and audit trails, integrate and export data, view trends, visualisations and analytics.

Key Nano ULTRA-Edge Wireless Remote Monitor Features

  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Massive 18 variants of inputs, including 16 bit analogue, digital, serial, CANbus, MODbus, GPS, I2C, SPI
  • Firmware Over The Air (FOTA)
  • Integrated SD card storage
  • Mobile phone network communications
  • Battery or mains powered
  • Optional on board back up battery with power failure alert on line
  • Compact and Robust
  • Highly configurable for OEM applications
  • CDLSmartHub™ offering multi language, auto time zone, instant visibility on line, dashboards etc


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