Need a more detailed energy metering system?

Power Monitoring made simple with remote monitoring

An integral part of any energy reduction plan is to know exactly where you are using the energy in the first place.

Smart Meters are indeed common place and readily available however they are optimised for singular measurement points on incoming supplies. This is ideal for domestic dwellings and properties where you have a modest number of distribution boards and subsequent circuits.

Smart Meters are far less ‘fit for purpose’ however when you need more resolution on what each individual circuit is consuming. Just knowing what the input power consumption is to a 15 distribution board is quite simply not enough.

Need a more detailed energy metering system? Caption Data have a suite of sub metering products which can be deployed to suit the profile of the property with options including:

  • High circuit density monitoring systems
  • Non-invasive measurement probes eliminating the need to switch off circuits
  • License free wireless sensor nodes keeping the ‘cost per measurement point’ to palatable level
  • GSM solutions which automatically upload data to the cloud which can be especially important when network access has not been granted
  • Ethernet based solutions for real-time cloud updates

All of the measurements are collated to a cloud based platform with the minimum of effort, this enables you to get on with the business of analysing the measurements and reducing your CO2 footprint.

Compatible power meters

Any meter with Serial, Modbus, I2C connectivity –¬†including the following


  • Socomec E53
  • Socomec A20
  • Socomec A40


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  • Carlo Gavazzi WM30
  • Carlo Gavazzi WM40


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