NEW FEATURE! The NanoULTRA-III grows for use in wider applications.

NEW FEATURE! The NanoULTRA-III grows for use in wider applications.


The NanoULTRA-III can Support for up to 12 Modbus RTU slave devices (Previously 4 Slaves)

The NanoULTRA-III has been delivering valuable asset data to the ExactAire platform for in excess of five Years and the capabilities continue to grow.

One of the key drivers for developing the NanoULTRA-III end-to-end IoT solution was to enable users who are limited with comms the knowledge and capability of configuring systems in a super quick time frame.

Modbus configuration and especially the presentation of this data, has been known to be notoriously complex to extract to a web-based platform, and previously organisations with this need would be required to leverage highly skilled engineers.

The NanoULTRA-III with ExactAire offers a true end-to-end IoT solution with an configuration-based environment, and not a code-based environment.

Key features and benefits: –

  • Configuration and re-use of recipes for Modbus sensors, controllers and instruments
  • Save time when adding repeat devices!
  • Support for up to 12 Modbus RTU slave devices ***New feature(Previously 4 Slaves)
  • Aggregate large amounts of valuable asset data through one gateway, saving on hardware cost
  • Each slave can be a different device or device type
  • Aggregating data from different devices can unlock never before seen insights from your assets or services
  • The gateway leverages cellular technology as standard; this is a highly resilient NanoULTRA-III capability giving maximum chances of key operational data delivery
  • Retrieving asset data through modbus without the need for a local IT LAN/WAN can be highly desirable when you need to retrieve your asset data quickly and securely
  • If the data is key to your service delivery then you need to manage as much of the stack as possible, sometimes it is challenging to engage efficiently with IT departments outside of your control
  • Every single data point can be visualised and alarmed on
  • Have peace of mind all of your latest asset data is being handled and managed, this allows you to focus on running your business efficiently


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