New Remote Monitoring pages that made the cut on our website…

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With the New Year ahead, we would like to draw your attention to a range of new content throughout our website. The new content aims to demonstrate the range of industries and applications remote monitoring is supporting.

Remote Monitoring Solution Pages

Field & Site remote monitoring:

For battery powered, robust units that can operate literally in the middle of nowhere!

Enterprise Wide remote monitoring:

For businesses with large numbers of assets, devices, technicians, and customers. Where overview of data and activities is critical to customer service and profitability

Embedded Remote Monitoring for OEM’s:

How we can easily web enable your products to bring you the benfits of real time & on-line remote control and monitoring. We work with you and your team on the product development and deployment journey.

From Any “Thing” to the CDL SmartHub;

Shows some of the many types of device we have successfully communicated with and web enabled for remote monitoring and control.

Remote Monitoring Industry Pages


  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Damage Restoration
  • Construction
  • Water Quality


  • Energy & Carbon Management
  • Smart Buildings
  • Heritage applications

Other Features Include

An M2M and IoT Monitoring Solutions section including a complete Overview, a section on What is M2M, and application examples.

Live data from sensors set up in our buildings and our customers. Including Live Temperature & Humidity Data typical of the damage Restoration industry, Live Vibration data typical of Structural Health Monitoring, and Smart Building 3D visualisation data for Building Managers.

How would Remote Monitoring support you? your Business? or your Industry?

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