New Remote Monitoring System with long-range wireless sensors

Remote Monitoring System with long-range wireless sensors

With its new “smart” wireless sensor network, the RDL//1000 can offer a distance from sensors to base station of up to 500m [line of sight] giving an overall system range of 1000m hence the new name: RDL//1000.

From the Base Station your data is transmitted via a built in quad-band modem over the mobile phone network. The Data is stored in secure Caption Data servers and access via the CDLSmartHub, an innovative remote monitoring portal for real time data monitoring online.

The “smart” wireless sensors have on board intelligence, with unique ID & transceiver chips allowing:

  • super quick set up on site, forcing a positive handshake with the base station, and confirming you have communications – no time wasted here!
  • Up to 10 measurement inputs per sensor – highly cost effective!
  • remote configuration from any browser down to any individual sensor – total control
  • “on-line” calibration to individual sensors – If its worth having the data – its worth having the right data!
  • A comprehensive range of “smart” sensor types and inputs, for Environmental Monitoring, Structural Monitoring and Generic Monitoring

Via the Web Bureau you get your data in our beautiful dynamic graph format with the following features:

  • Get the whole picture by viewing all or any sensor results on the same screen, for any date range, simultaneously
  • pan, zoom, hover, annotate, cut, paste, in seconds
  • set high and low alarms on all parameters on all sensors, and send email or SMS alarms to as many people as you need to
  • set configuration information [sampling, reporting, alarm info etc] from the web portal
  • Download data in .csv format
  • send us a picture of your installation and get a quick access screen like this:

You can relax in the knowledge of the best data security. On-board memory ensures even in the event of delays to transmission, data is secured and will be sent at the next opportunity from the sensors. The base station has a built in battery back up, so in the event of a power failure your data is secure and you get an automatic alert by SMS and email. Fully roaming SIM’s on board search for the best signal quality every time the system reports. Once received at our super secure servers the data remains sacrosanct with a full audit trail available to you, even if your technicians locally have purged their records.

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