The new NanoULTRA remote telemetry unit [rtu] breaks records …

NanoULTRA M2M Remote Telemetry Unit
NanoULTRA Remote Telemetry Unit

This new Remote Telemetry Unit [rtu] breaks new ground in a number of respects:

  1. Low Power & Long Battery Life
  2. Instrument grade Analogue Inputs
  3. Range of I/O’s and Comms
  4. On-Board SD card for extra data granularity


LOW POWER Remote Telemetry Unit

If you need to get data from sensors, instruments or processes where power isn’t easily available and you have to run on batteries, the NanoULTRA has the lowest power consumption available. Designed from the start with this in mind and when running on the 3.6v dc power option the long term power consumption is less than 150 microAmps. This obviously doesnt include when the unit is transmitting data to the cloud. But since it has lots of on board intelligence and memory this would usually only be once a day for a short interval. Units can run for over 4 years on 2 D cells. Obviously if power is available then its the other features below that differentiate this new remote telemetry unit.


With 4 Analogue inputs, each capable of 16 bit resolution, and with 5 Gain ranges which can be configured from the SmartHub remotely, the NanoULTRA remote telemetry unit offers unparalleled signal quality. The Gain ranges are from 2.5 to 33 Vdc [0-2.5,or 5, or 10, or 20, or 33Vdc]. SIgnal can be bipolar or differential. We coined the phrase “instrument grade” to describe the high quality inputs to this unique remote terminal.


In all the NanoULTRA remote terminal unit has 12 i/o’s

  • 4 Instrument grade analogue inputs
  • 4 digital inputs
  • 4 optically isolated digital outputs

On the communications front the list is equally impressive with the following all available as standard:

  • RS232
  • RS485
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • Modbus

OEM versions of the NanoULTRA remote terminal unit can also have 8 Analogue inputs, CANbus and GPS options as well as capabilities for various Proprietary & Other communication standards and IP Rated enclosures.


The NanoULTRA features an integrated SD card. With up to 32Gb of memory and SmartHub configurable recording frequencies of up to 1/second/channel it can hold several years worth of data. So it can provide data granularities that just cannot be transmitted wirelessly. This effectively gives this Remote Terminal its own “Black box flight recorder”.

Seamless operation with CDL SmartHub

All of these base I/O’s and functionality can be fully configured through the CDL SmartHub. This is a powerful, web based portal giving complete access to your total population of NanoULTRA’s.


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