New technology innovation unlocks leak detection applications

Leak Detection

Water leaks in commercial and domestic buildings can be hugely expensive and disruptive if not detected early. Costs for restoration are not the only factor and business interruption can account for a significant contributor to the costs. 

The challenge historically with leak detection systems have been mainly associated with the following points:-

  1. Reliance on incumbent BMS system to deliver the leak detection function
    1. They may or may not have spare inputs, if they do it may be cost-prohibitive
    2. Specialist knowledge of the BMS will be needed to configure/commission
    3. The capability of the BMS system may be very limited
    4. There may not be a BMS system at all!
  2. Specialist is needed to install the systems = higher cost + lower availability of technicians available to do the install/commissioning/support
  3. Wired sensor technology is highly invasive and costly.
  4. Wireless sensor technology historically had the following drawbacks:-
    1. Low wireless range
    2. Limited battery life
    3. Limited reliability

The Matrix+ leak detection system has addressed all of these points. The solution is built on over 10 Years of wireless sensor technology knowledge at CDL. The wireless technology has evolved over this time to work hand in hand with the CDL SmartHub which is a secure, cloud-based IoT platform. 

We would very much like to talk through any needs you have around leak detection. Please call one of our specialists to talk through your application in more detail.

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