What do these OEM applications have in common? IoT

What do all of these OEM applications have in common?

Cooling towers                            Biomass boilers

Snow machines                           Asphalt laying trucks

Emergency Water Standpipes    Pest control heat pods                          

Water Purifiers                             Dust monitoring instruments

Industrial cooling machinery      Voltage optimisers         

Industrial Compactors                 Medical waste incinerators

Just a few examples in the last couple of months where we have provided end to end solutions for Internet of Things, or remote monitoring of industrial OEM applications using our universal RTU unit the NanoULTRA and the CDL SmartHub™.

Lets look at these in a bit more detail:

1             End to End Solutions

end to end IoT solutions
end to end IoT solutions

You know your business. We know ours.

Ours is to get critical information all the way from your OEM products wherever in the world they are, to our SmartHub and so provide you with access to real time information & functionality that will allow you to improve your business.






2             Industrial Internet of Things



We specialise in getting data and control signals to and from industrial equipment. This allows you to manage your portfolio of remote assets with the benefit of valuable data and insights. For example:

  • never send a service engineer to a job with the wrong information or parts
  • never negotiate with a client without their actual usage data available
  • Know for sure the performance trends of certain product types
  • Commission or calibrate difficult to access equipment via BLE
  • Improve customer service.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Grow revenues.


3             OEM Applications

Industrial Internet of Things opportunities are endless

If your product has any sort of control system, operating system or sensors onboard, analogue or digital, then the chances are we can communicate with it, retrieve data, access the onboard systems such as Modbus. Over the last decade we have worked with literally hundreds of different OEM products, each with their own flavour of systems and sensors. Just as important is the experience we have gained working with so many OEM’s in understanding how they get value and return on investment from IoT.





4             The NanoULTRA, universal Remote Telemetry Unit


We developed the NanoULTRA to meet specific client needs – because there is nothing quite like it on the market… with super low power consumption to make battery operation viable, and with the widest range of i/o’s [analogue, digital, serial] plus optional GPS and CANbus, with full FOTA [Firmware over the air] to both the modem and the microcontroller, on board intelligence, and an on board SD card “flight recorder”.

Designed from the PCB upwards for robustness, the NanoULTRA offers simple connectivity and plug and play connection to the CDL SmartHub.



5             The CDL SMartHub

CDL SmartHub
CDL SmartHub

As soon as it is powered up the NanoULTRA becomes visible on your own SmartHub, from where you can easily set it up, configure it and start to track data, receive alerts, visualise your operations by uploading graphics, pictures etc., receive management reports, grant access to staff and clients, view audit trails, select languages, etc.

The CDL SmartHub is available on any internet device via any browser with no software to buy or load.

The combination of NanoULTRA and CDL SmartHub offers seamless and secure connectivity, so you run your business more effectively with a little help form our business!


Who Are Caption Data?

Caption Data Limited is a UK company leading the way in applying remote monitoring and “Internet of Things” technology for the Built Environment, and OEMs, Consultants, Construction and FM businesses operating in that sector. With thousands of installed units across 15 countries, we provide end-to-end solutions, all the way from the sensors to the cloud & our SmartHub™. They deliver real ROI, are quick to install, light touch, and above all are practical for our clients.


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