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The world increasingly expects real time information on performance, and especially when Service Level Agreements are involved, warranty and failure costs are so high and reputational damage can be huge. The cost of after sales and customer support demands ever increasing efficiency, so OEM’s need autonomous robust high tech & high quality monitoring systems that deliver seamless performance. Monitoring 100’s of times a second, gathering and sending data securely to the cloud for analysis, and feedback.  Monitoring events against pre-set thresholds and sending alerts if breached. Keeping and archiving indelible audit trails for when the evidence is crucial.

Whether you use Modbus, Canbus, i2c bus, pretty much any other kind of “bus”, serial, digitals, analogues, we can turn your data into information and information into knowledge that adds value to your business. While not compromising the data at any point, find out how we guarantee the security and integrity of your data.

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Capture data from any sensor or communications line at the correct rate, accuracy, and medium (wireless/wired) for the application.

At Caption Data we utilise the correct sensor and correct medium for the application, we have no vested interest in specific protocols or sensors. We strive to give you the best fit hardware specifically focused on the merits of its application.


We deliver the measured data robustly, securely over a GSM/3G network giving you complete independence from any third party networks. Our method of delivery gives you complete control of your operational data. It also gives your customer the peace of mind that if their network infrastructure is compromised it will not affect any SLAs or other agreements they have with you.

Caption Data offer a complete worldwide roaming, managed SIM service taking away any administrative and support overheads on this key element.


Once the data is securely transferred to the CDLSmartHub we can now leverage this data in sophisticated ways to give you powerful visualisation of your assets. The web portal can be accessed through any standard browser on a laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet.

We are here to guide you through the process helping define users and importantly what they want to get from the information. This could be a technician installing a single system in an aggressive location or a senior company executive looking to pick out trends from 1000’s of remote assets via intuitive dashboards.


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IoT M2M solution in 6 steps


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Caption Data regularly attend IoT Midlands Meetup and in July 2014, our Technical Director Paul Sanders  presented to the group on ‘The m2m nervous system: building a GSM-based solution’.

Organised and hosted by WMG, the event is held at the International Institute for Product and Service Innovation (IIPSI) at the University of Warwick and saw almost 50 people attend from varying industries and backgrounds.

The presentation about ‘the M2M Nervous System’ was well received and covered the following:

The first IoT Lighthouse
The IoT Parliament building
Field based elements
And, making a business case of an M2M / IoT application

See the full presentation at Paul Sanders presents at IoT Oxford 3 – M2M Nervous System or see below:


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Case Studies Tab - MCS Water Plant Room

Remote monitoring points the way to corrosion prevention

Corrosion of pipework and components in water based heating and cooling systems nearly always results in costly repairs and unwelcome disruption, especially where a large office block, hospital or district heating scheme is concerned. When failures occur in the low temperature hot water (LTHW) or chilled water (CHW) systems the tendency is to investigate the failed component and possibly much later to call in specialist corrosion consultants (Such as Midland Corrosion Services) to find the root cause of the problems and recommend a solution.

By using a combination of high quality reliable sensors and data loggers, all key indicators of system problems can now be continuously monitored remotely from MCS’s main office….

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