Online user experience development with WMG

Online user experience development with WMG

Caption Data has been working with the WMG at the University of Warwick on a customer-led online user interface/user experience [UI/UX] development project. This is the latest in a collection of projects and collaborations between the two organisations.

The initial part of the project with WMG focussed on delivering user profiles to develop our understanding of the people in the Damage Restoration industry who use our HygroNet™ products. The process allowed us to gain a much stronger understanding of the challenges faced by users in the field as well as Senior Managers reviewing the data. The project focused on identifying the main opportunities to deliver even further value to users with the web-based CDLSmartHub.

The UI/UX initiative was led by Kate Ainscough, a knowledge transfer specialist passionate about delivering great customer experiences through innovative and customer-inspired user interface design.

Kate, Why is User Interface and User Experience so important?

The relationship between Caption Data and its customers is often a remote one and ultimately the experience a customer has using Caption Data’s online web portal must improve efficiency and effectiveness as well as the general perception of the value of Caption Data products.

The insight and understanding developed through this exercise have provided Caption Data with the ability to really enhance its offering with user-inspired designs covering all the main user types.

What value is created through this exercise?

Caption Data have been able to listen in a facilitated open environment to their customers, who have helped them understand their needs expectations and desires; articulating what changes Caption Data could make that would really add value to their customers’ operations.

Many organisation would like to do something like this but do not have have the ability, time or resources to be able to pull it off. However, with the help of WMG, Caption Data have been able to listen and develop understanding through customer-led focus groups.

The innovative approach is taken through this exercise aimed to let people explore what features and benefits they would really like in a remote monitoring system as opposed to just spotting what was wrong with the current one, however, identifying frustrations was a key part of the process.

The challenges for Caption Data going forward will be in implementing a design based on customer needs and expectations, and in revisiting this process, and continually developing customer insight and involvement to identify changing needs and expectations.

What happens next?

It is up to Caption Data now to develop and redesign the web portal systems to exploit the unique insights acquired, and massively improve the experience for their users.

From Caption Data’s perspective, this has been a transformational experience and we are committed to implementing the work to build on these new insights and create the next generation of web portals for our customers.

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