Our largest order delivered, creating efficiencies in water damage industry!

Some of the NanoULTRA Kits ready to go to water damage jobs
Some of the NanoULTRA Kits ready to go to water damage job

CDL have recently delivered on the largest single individual order ever given to us as a company. The order included over 100 “kits”; each one offering comprehensive water damage monitoring capabilities. The order required product enhancements, as well as on-site training to get the client up and running as quickly as possible, with the kits deployed and generating a ROI.

The enhanced products will be used in the restoration of water damaged properties. Our client works closely with leading insurance companies and the introduction of our IoT Solutions are going to allow them to maximise several business benefits.

Supporting efficiencies in water damage restoration

Currently during property restoration following water damage, a team of experts regularly need to visit the properties in question to monitor the state of drying. Using CDL Hygrostick compatible wireless sensors, they will be able to monitor dampness, humidity and saturation of the building itself, on line from any internet enabled device. This repeated monitoring is normally very time consuming for an individual who will oversee numerous properties ensuring as one phase of restoration finishes they are ready for the next phase with all the right equipment ready to deploy.On many occasions a time-consuming visit only concludes that the building is not ready for the next stage.

NanoULTRA kits with wireless HygroStick sensors & HygroBugs
NanoULTRA kits with wireless HygroStick sensors & HygroBugs

Our RDL//1000 remote monitoring kits, come with battery powered wireless sensors that monitor key areas of the building for things like temperature, humidity, wood moisture levels and more. The data received by the units is transmitted to the cloud and accessed through the CDLSmartHub. On this platform our client can set alarms and get up to date views of the state of the property enabling smart deployment of their teams when they are able to action the next phase of restoration following water damage. Our client will be able to benefit from reduced costs through this smart deployment, improved efficiency as the work force can be responsible for more properties as well as improved customer service by having a clearer understanding of the stages of restoration they are at.

The insight that the ongoing data will give them can have many benefits too, both during and post the project. Improvements in management reporting, response times, equipment usage and more can lead to reduce project lengths during the project. Whilst retrospectively the data collated also enables them to look at trends and potential predictive modelling for future projects.

By working closely with our customer, we have ensured that our product delivers an ROI by meeting their business needs and has the potential to deliver a number of business improvements in turn improving their relationships with their customers.

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