Paul Sanders on supplier innovation panel at 2017 BDMA conference

I am delighted to have been asked to be a panel member during the supplier innovation discussion at the 2017 BDMA conference. This will be taking place on 22nd and 23rd November at the Crowne Plaza, Stratford Upon Avon.

Caption Data have been involved in the water damage industry for over nine years with 2 generations of remote monitoring solutions, many of the experiences (and challenges) we have seen over the years have had a real and positive impact into our wider IoT solution offerings.

Whilst it wasn’t immediately visible in the early days there were some very tough challenges that we had to overcome, this stood us as an organisation on good ground when it came to delivering end to end IoT solutions for other sectors.

So what were the biggest challenges?

  1. Challenging locations – often very poor cellular strength. These are generally building site type applications where the equipment regularly got ‘building site’ level treatment!
  2. Taking accurate measurements from tough mediums – Taking moisture content readings in highly saturated materials for extended periods of time
  3. Time for technicians to set up the equipment – This was yet another task for already ‘time poor’ technicians to fulfill. Equipment set up had to be as easy and as quick as possible
  4. Making sense of all of the new data sets – Powerful, high level dashboards had to present data sets that appealed to all levels of user (technician, middle manager and board level user)

Having been through these challenges and come out the other side has been of great value to CDL (and hopefully our customers!). Whilst it can be a fairly straight forward exercise getting solutions to work in a test environment it is quite a different scenario when solutions are used in anger, in real world environments. This is not something that can be short circuited.

Caption Data can provide a full end to end IoT solution in house; our team of dedicated, specialist engineers can guide new product development from concept right through to a scalable, commercially viable proposition.

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