Product comparison table for CDL’s remote telemetry units

Selecting the right product for the job is always hugely important to the success of the job! And Remote Telemetry Units have a lot of features, so to help customers choose the right product from our range we have just published a product comparison chart, which you can view here.


Battery powered RTU
Battery operation


If you need it to work in the field on battery power then there are a few things to think about …

  • quiescent power consumption to maximise life,
  • local intelligence & real time monitoring.
  • SD card to act as “black box flight recorder” to capture granular measurements not viably transferable via GSM
  • Smart batteries, with remote Battery condition monitoring
  • on-board battery back-up in case of primary battery failure, to alert you if there is a problem
    • If they’re relevant, check out the NanoULTRA which ticks all those boxes, with up to 5 years battery life!

      • Take a look at how one of our customers uses this product here


Connectivity of RTU


Depending on the application of your RTU, your needs will vary.

  • As an OEM, you may be interested in the many available serial protocols/levels- Modbus, ASCII, propriatroy, RS232, RS485….
  • If its instrumentation, you may be interested in the 4 “instrument grade” Analogue Inputs, with options to increase to 12, and with16 bit resolution and 5 selectable [on line] gain ranges.
  • If you have Asset Management applications, the above linked to 8 digital i/o’s may be of interest
  • Getting the data to the cloud there are a range of options: GSM, Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth, whitespace…


Remote Monitoring dashboard from anything to the CDLSmartHub
SmartHub Shows you your units

Your Own SmartHub

  • Power up your unit and immediately see it on line
  • Geo locations
  • Any browser, Any device
  • Set alarm thresholds, recipients, track trends
  • multi language, multli time zones
  • Active graphing, cut and paste images
  • Brand your smart hub with your logo, name etc
  • Get more information on CDL’s SmartHub here



Here are some quick links depending what you are looking for:

Wireless network systems  RDL//1000

RDL1000 temperature humidity and moisture monitoring for water damage restorationFor Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, Wood Moisture, Hygrostick,

Power, CO2,

Process output, [if you can measure it, we can monitor it]

Structural Monitoring: crack, tilt,



OEM Embedded Systems, Instrumentation, etc  Nano & NanoULTRA

Nano & NanoULTRA remote telemetry units
Nano & NanoULTRA remote telemetry units

Modbus, CANbus, GPS

Analogue or Digital

Serial, I2C, SPI

Battery or powered





Shock & Vibration Monitoring    RDL//Vibe

RDLvibe building vibration monitoring
RDLvibe building vibration monitoring


Battery or mains

Real time local monitoring, PPV, acceleration and speed

On -line alerts and high resoltion event capture

2 x tri-axial low frequency geophones

 Read how these units worked for one of our customers here



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