CDLSmartHub – Our Data Monitoring and Reporting Interface with Live Alerting

Data is not information and information is not knowledge. Getting data to the cloud safely, with integrity checks, getting configuration instructions back to the sensors (e.g. sampling and reporting frequencies) is just the start. Turning that data into useful information for you is the next step – things like dynamic charting, customisable hierarchies, user defined alarm functions, geo-mapping, intuitive work methods.

Our culture of working with clients in partnership and focusing on a small range of applications means we can help turn information into knowledge – on which you can act.

This is through server based algorithms to analyse and interpret information how you want and send you the resulting knowledge specific to your sector with your vocabulary and a drill down structure to get as close as you wish to the raw data.

Compatible on any standard web browser:

Web browser logos

Features Tab - Flags

Multilingual, automatic time zone adjustment, metric or imperial units. Find out more about our international offering.

Features Tab - Main Menu

Simple, clear, fast menu structures

Features Tab - Charting

Dynamic charting – automatic time zone adjustment worldwide, auto axis scaling, cut and paste, email colleagues

Features Tab - RDL1000

Quick access to help, tips, FAQs and providing feedback

Features Tab - Drop down menu

Quickly choose your unit, select sensors / parameters to plot and timezone

Features Tab - Edit details

Name units and sensors, set high and low alarms, identify alarm recipients, configure sampling and reporting frequencies

Dashboard tab - PT

Dashboard tab - RDL1000

Dashboard tab - Eco Monitor

Dashboard tab - Munters

You can personalise or brand your CDLSmartHub interface

  • Branded domain names to allow you and your customers to log into a branded address, for example
    • Valuable if your customers are being given access to data direct from your site
    • Valuable for your staff
    • Valuable if you cut and paste graphics into management or client reports
    • Access via log on box from your normal web site if that is of value
  • Use style sheets from your own website or company house styles to tailor your CDLSmartHub interface and User Experiance
  • Incorporate your logo etc
  • Great visual presentation across any platform (Smartphone/Tablet/PC/Laptop)
  • Incorporate your product visuals into your CDLSmartHub

When is a cloud not a cloud?

We use the word ‘cloud’ because everyone understands that term to mean access via any internet device / browser – and we do that. What we don’t do is store data in anonymous uncontrolled 3rd party cloud space. We have hosted dedicated secure servers of our own.

CDLSmartHub Security

  • All data is securely hosted by a third party server facility.
  • The servers upon which the data is stored are within state of the art facilities across Europe and have 256Gbit connectivity, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • The data centres are monitored by 150+ permanently recording video cameras.
  • Eight high-powered cooling units rated at 5,600 KW and two spiral vortex compressors work alongside bespoke heat exchangers to keep everything cool.
  • Every system is n+1 redundant.
  • The security airlock ensures that only authorised personnel can enter the data centre.
  • Only one person can pass through the airlock at one time.
  • In the event the power grid is down, five huge 16-cylinder diesel generators supply constant, reliable power.


Find out more about how we guarantee the security and integrity of your data

What If I accidently delete my data….

While users can delete data to do housekeeping on their user account, we always have an indelible record that can be retrieved, similarly for audit trails on alarms, receipt of alarms etc.

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