A faster way to get the data you need on site with QR codes

A faster way to get the data you need on site with QR codes

Monitoring on the job is now easier and faster, with access to data within 2 seconds (dependant on connection and signal) using QR codes.

There is now an option with all Remote monitoring systems from Caption Data to include QR code stickers, which provide instant access to the data and system settings for any individual device.

Why do QR codes matter?

Caption Data remote monitoring systems are now available with QR codes for ease of access to data portalsIf you’re a field engineer with lots of remote monitoring systems to manage, where the conditions are less than ideal or where there’s a lack of power and light; you may not want to or be able to have a tablet or laptop in those conditions – this can mean getting a quick fix on your data is a real problem.

Now you can scan the QR code on the device and in less than 2 seconds be at a login screen that takes you to that unit’s recorded data (for the last 7 days) and system settings.

From there you will have access to the usual functionality for your remote monitoring system:

  • You can set alarms
  • Reconfigure sampling and reporting frequencies
  • Change alarm notification recipients and manage all other system functionality

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