RDL//1000 replaces Hygronet, its better and easier to use!

All good things get improved over time

… and the Hygronet is no exception!

RDL1000 environmental monitoring for Water Damage Restoration
RDL//1000 Wireless sensor system, offering improved functionality over the Award winning HygroNet system.

The award winning HygroNet design first saw the light of day in 2008, and has been through several major design improvements since. There are numerous units in service around the world. However, with our commitment to continuous product development, it is now outperformed by our more up to date products like the RDL//1000. This offers significantly improved functionality.

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So how have we improved the design with the RDL//1000, and what does this mean for you?

Wireless Sensors

Improved Range  from c50-70m up to c500m [line of sight].

Many More Parameters that can be monitored . 

Whilst still retaining Damage Restoration priorities like Ambient Temperature and Relative Humidity, probe Temp & RH, HygroBug [WME], and calculated [SmartHub] parameters like Specific Humidity, Dew point, heat transfer.

In addition, RDL//1000 sensors include capability for

  • Hygrostick input
  • 2 x 3 wire PT100 sensors, or
  • 4 x 3 wire PT100 sensors
  • 8 Digital inputs
  • CO2
  • Power
  • Tilt
  • Additional parameters such as Analogue inputs will be added over time

Alarms are available at high and low level on all parameters, withmultiple addressee options and a full audit trail of who was notified when and how!

Extended Battery Life now > 4 years [based on hourly reporting cycles]

Simpler Commissioning  as sensors have transceive chips and therefore management and configuration is from the SmartHub [rather than internal dip switches].  

“Force Report” Buttons  immediately prove the connection to the base station and allow information download [eg sampling frequencies, alarm settings, etc] and upload [eg signal quality, battery state, heartbeat sensor information] and allow the technician to name their sensors for easy referencing.

All RDL//1000 sensors have unique indelible IMEI numbers so there is no need for technicians to use internal dip switches to identify sensors.

QR codes take you straight to your data on the smartHub in a single click!


 Base Station

On-Board Back up Battery initiates an alarm if mains power fails, and will run the unit for up to 48 hours.

Set Up is aided by the addition of a “Force Report” button allowing immediate confirmation of your connection, GSM signal strength and quality.

IP Rating is IP65

RS485 access to PC is available via a USB to RS485 adapter.


Dynamic Charting including pan, zoom, copy paste, of mutliparameters, multi sensors

Geolocation information from GSM mast location, upgradeable to smartphone position entry or manual lattitude and longitude entry

KPI Dashboards – allowing you to manage and report on whatever is important to you

Multi level user admin screens, letting your people and teams see what you want them to, and what they need to

Any Device – phone, tablet, computer via any browser

Internationally enabled with automatic time zone adjustment, metric to imperial switching, language choices, etc

Our many BDMA customers using HygroNet can rest assured their units will keep working for many years to come! We will still be supporting them until they are ready to upgrade, but for new sales we will be offering the superior RDL//1000 system.


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