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2* combined temperature and relative humidity probes (5mm probes)
2* PT100 temperature probes
2* high resistance moisture content probes

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Hardwired multi-drop network with capability to multi-drop to 99 network nodes giving a total measurement potential of 792 measurements

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Leveraging the RDL//nano GSM based monitoring hub all measurements can be monitored via any standard web browser on any tablet, PC or SmartPhone



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Moisture content and environmental monitoring with the RDL//Client-THR

The RDL//Client-THR is a distributed measurement system ideally suited for monitoring of building material moisture content levels.

The product is hardwired and multi dropped so battery life is not an issue for systems which are embedded into the fabric of buildings.

All measurement nodes can be hardwired back to a single RDL//Nano which automatically transmits all measured values to the CDLSmartHub where measurements are visualised and alarms can be set and transmitted via Email or SMS.

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  • Power Supply: 12 to 24Vdc
  • PCB Dimensions: 70mm2
  • Communications: Modbus on an RS485 network. Up to 99 addresses available via rotary dip switches
  • Inputs:
    • 2* combined RH and temperature probes (5 mm diameter) on a 0.5m lead. -40 to +120 Degrees C, +/- 0.3 Degrees C. 0-100%RH, +/- 3%
    • 2* High resistance inputs. 0-2G ohm (c/w conversion on SmartHub to WME)
    • 2* PT 100 temperature sensor inputs. 3 wire. (Sensors are readily available in many different forms)


Main applications include:

Structural condition monitoring for wooden beams, panelling and flooring; Continuous monitoring for properties with historic issues of water ingress; Continuous monitoring of surface temperatures and ambient conditions to identify risk of condensation forming; Cavity and void monitoring; Extra peace of mind in properties with high value wooden flooring and panelling

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RDL//Client-THR features and benefits

If you are a home owner or a facility/property manager with a high net worth building peace of mind is paramount to protect your investment from poorly maintained environmental conditions or water ingress.

You can be assured with the RDL//Client-THR system that your property will be monitored at key points 24/7 and alarms generated and distributed if any of these conditions fall out of an acceptable level.


Key features

  • Manage all settings via CDLSmartHub
  • View trends of data over selectable time frames
  • Easily add and take away alarm recipients
  • Install sensors using a simple multi-dropped hard wire network

Key Benefits

  • Access data on the move or from the comfort of your office, using the CDLSmartHub from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC
  • Pick up on deteriorating building conditions early enabling immediate remedial action to be taken
  • Set up alarm thresholds based on acceptable levels and alert key people by Email and SMS when thresholds are breached
  • Install are quick and simple requiring minimal effort or skill

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RDL//Client-THR product options


RDL Client-THR Product Image

Multi drop sensor node in IP65 box. Capable of measuring 2*PT 100 temperature sensor, 2 * combined temperature and RH probes (Hygro-FS-CR) and two high resistance moisture content probes 002-AAB-001


5mm diameter combined temperature and humidity probes

5 mm diameter combined temperature and humidity probe. Complete with 0.5m cable. -40 to +120 Degrees C, +/- 0.3 Degrees C. 0-100%RH, +/- 3%.


5mm diameter combined temperature and humidity probes

5 mm diameter combined temperature and humidity probe. Complete with 2m cable. -40 to +120 Degrees C, +/- 0.3 Degrees C. 0-100%RH, +/- 3%.


High resistance moisture content inputs

Ring crimp moisture content cables. 0.5m.

PT100 sensor

PT100 temperature inputs

Class B temperature sensor, -60 to 200 Degrees C. 3m cable. 6mm diameter stainless probe.


PT100 magnetic sensor

PT100, 3 wire, Class B sensors. 2 metre cable – fibreglass insulated with stainless steel overbraid. Operating range: -10ºC to +300ºC.


Nano transparent 300px x 300px

RDL//nano mounted in IP65 box. Can communicate to up to 99 RDL//Client-THR nodes. https://www.captiondata.com/products/rdlnano/


Find out more about the RDL//Client-THR



Sensor Nano CDLSmartHub diagram transparent



Seamless integration with the CDLSmartHub

Once the system has been installed and powered up the RDL//nano will
automatically start communicating with the CDL SMartHub.

The RDL//nano uses a fully roaming SIM card so if one network provider is
not available it will automatically skip to the next available network. This
minimises any potential for loss of communication and loss of protection.

Once you are logged in securely to the CDL SmartHub you can easily change settings such
as update rates, alarm levels and alarm recipients.

Please follow link to CDLSmartHub for more detailed information.




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