RDL//Vibe 1: Bulldozer 0 – it was no contest!

The Bulldozer on site

When Caption Data say their products are rugged, people generally just take it at face value. Our customer UA Antia took that approach as well when they bought one of their latest instruments from us. No discussion on what rugged really meant.

A few months later they contacted us to say this particular unit had been run over by a Bulldozer on site, ripping the top off the unit, severing cables to the Triaxial Geophone sensors and filling the now exposed unit with mud and dirt.

Remarkably, when the unit was returned to Caption Data HQ, cleaned out, and the geophone cable repaired, it powered up immediately and ran through our normal quality control checks without so much as a cough!

Back in service now the RDL//Vibe is doing what they do best…

UA Antia installing an RDLVibe remote vibration Monitoring Unit
A typical installation site of an RDL//Vibe, remote vibration monitoring system

  • Real time monitoring at 10 Hz across all 6 channels of data coming from 2 tri-axial low frequency Geophone sensors. On-line sampling at 10 minute intervals and reporting hourly. Unsupervised. 24/7
  • Any time an event happens when data exceeds pre set limits [set online from the SmartHub] it transmits an alarm message by SMS and or email to any number of recipients, and sends the data of the “event” to the CDL Smarthub for viewing and analysis
  • Sends a regular heartbeat check in with sample data for long term trend analysis
  • Maintains a secure audit trail


Find out more about the RDL//Vibe

RDL vibes are in use around the world from iconic installations like Roman Cattacombs protecting against tourist damage, or exposed offshore lighthouses recording storm damage, or guarding priceless treasures in the Natural History Museum, through to innumerable construction, demolition, piling sites, where they monitor ground borne shock & vibrations, as well as for longer term structural health monitoring projects.

To get the full story on the RDL//Vibe, talk to Caption Data or visit the RDL//Vibe information page.


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