Peak Particle Velocity and vibration monitoring with the RDL//Vibe

Shock and vibration monitoring has historically been measured in pure Velocity, this was falling short in terms of compliance with the needs of civil engineering and construction professionals and also current British Standards (BS6472-1.2008, DIN-4150-3-1999, and ISO 4866:2010)

The RDL//Vibe, remote shock and vibration monitoring equipment acquires shock data in Velocity (mm/s) then derives acceleration (g), displacement (mm), signal frequency (Hz) and finally peak particle velocity (PPV) – as standard

These measurements build on the capabilities of the remote, internet enabled shock and vibration monitoring equipment, RDL//Vibe system.

Key features include:

  • Monitors two tri-axial shock sensors at a guardian frequency
  • On registering an “event” exceeding user defined pre set limits, moves to full high speed monitoring frequency, with high data integrity
  • Transfers data from “events” automatically, via mobile phone network using the onboard modem with a fully roaming SIM card, to our secure data servers
  • All events and data are visible online and in real time via dedicated web portals on any internet enabled PC/tablet/sartphone
  • Email and SMS alarms when predefined limits are met
  • Download data [.csv] or graphs
  • Mains or battery powered
  • Robust construction and IP65 casing

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