RDL//Vibe with improved battery performance lasts over 12 months

RDLVibe now lasts over 12 months

Innovative shock and vibration monitoring equipment, the RDL//Vibe now has new technology to boost its service life on the job, to make it last longer.

These units are often run using their self contained batteries for ease of commissioning in “robust” environments such as construction sites as well as remote and hard to reach sites. To maximise battery life in these situations the units now feature:

  1. User defined variable monitoring frequencies – to reduce power consumption while in their “guardian mode”. These can be remotely set via the real time web portal by the user at frequencies from 10Hz to 500Hz.
  2. Double D cell Lithium Batteries, – providing over 12 months life. This will obviously depend the number of events that are then recorded in high definition and uploaded to the web portal.

An example of intensive use was during the recent winter storms when a battery powered unit recorded 3090 “events” over a 3 month period on a lighthouse off the southwest of England.

Read the full article about the RDL//Vibe usage at Eddystone Lighthouse by Plymouth University in conjunction with Trinity House

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